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The popularity of vaporizers is growing at an unprecedented rate as people continue to discover the many health and safety benefits associated with vaping. Our industry has been blessed with so many vaporizing options that it has become exceptionally difficult to settle on anything with complete confidence. Luckily there is an expert resource available to guide your search through the overwhelming abundance of vape pens, portable vapes and desktop vaporizers.

Paint The Moon is the web’s #1 source for vaporizer information, reviews and buyer’s guides. For people brand new to vaporizers, Paint The Moon offers a wonderful introductory guide to the vaporization universe. Do you want to smoke dry herb at home? Maybe you want to smoke concentrates on the go? Paint The Moon’s expert analysts simplify the many vaporizing options by guiding consumers through all of the different benefits between vape pens, portables vapes and desktop vaporizers. Once you are able to settle on the best style of vaporizer for your specific needs, Paint The Moon can help you select the product with the best features and benefits for your exact needs.

We all know that the pen is mightier, but that only holds true if you buy the right one. Paint The Moon’s in-depth buyer’s guides cater to all marijuana enthusiasts. Whether you’re considering something small and discrete or you think you need the biggest and most powerful unit available, Paint The Moon will be able to guide you to your perfect device. Paint The Moon breaks down the industry’s top brands and products with descriptions so detailed and eloquent that even a complete novice can feel confident in making the right decision. Their expert analysts go the extra mile by interacting with their audience and addressing questions through the comments section at the end of each product review and guide. If reading their reviews isn’t enough, Paint The Moon also produces product videos demonstrating all of the special features and benefits of various vaporizers.

Created with the customer in mind, these reviews are carefully crafted by the industry’s leading vaporizer connoisseurs. Regardless of your needs, Paint The Moon will empower you to get the right pen, portable or desktop vaporizer into your marijuana bag this shopping season.

If you already know which type of device you want (desktop, portable, or pen) check out the respective 2015 Buyer’s Guides to learn which vapes are the best in each category:

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