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Shatter Tanks: Industry Collaboration is Elevation


The earliest vision for Shatter Tanks was conjured up in Las Vegas by an inventive husband and wife team. The couple decided to combine their years of professional experience in collectives and product design with their passion for helping patients get the quality medicine they need. Shatter Tanks pays a great deal of attention to their hardware to ensure hassle-free and leak-free live resin tanks. This devotion to quality, from seed to tank, also means strain specific full nug runs from award-winning growers and extract artists in selectively limited quantities. Shatter Tanks’ unique approach to vape oils and tanks has earned this thriving company a great deal of well-deserved recognition.

Shatter Tanks recently bolstered their championship pedigree by winning Hempcon Dab Cup’s inaugural “Best Cartridge” category with a solvent-free (0 ppm) ultra premium shatter oil vape tank filled with Live Resin Hardcore Tangie Glue, a blend created by Shatter Tanks. Their enthusiasm for collaboration is a strong signal that this brand understands exactly where the future of this industry is heading. They greatly admire the exceptional work from other extract artists and growers who stretch the boundaries of what’s possible by combining forces. Shatter Tanks strives to elevate the industry by collaborating with the best of the best.

The Chiquita Banana collaboration between the 8x award-winning grower RB26 and the exceptional hash masters at Living Extracts has produced what is easily the hottest concentrate on the market today. RB26 has been pushing the limits of what’s possible with flowers like Chiquita Banana that consistently test above 30% THC. Chris from Living Extracts says that extending this collaboration to Shatter Tanks makes for a truly great marriage. “I have really amazing wax and they make really amazing tanks, easily the best tank I have ever tried.” People travel up and down California for a chance to enjoy the famous Chiquita Banana, which has never before been available to more than a small number of well-connected collectives.

Shatter Tanks’ premium limited runs are available in strain specific options, as well as, CBD.

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  1. These type vape pens ARE the best thing since sliced bread and everyone I’ve ever showed one of these has been impressed and buys as well. They’re handy, effective, there’s now a good variety available where they’re legal and they’re priced right. I couldn’t get this same group to agree that it’s daylight at noon let alone get a 100% participation rating for tokers just discovering the joys and advantages to these 1/2 to 1 gram vape cartridges. But that’s the truth….here in Washington state these are VERY popular…

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