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Atomik Seeks Experienced Test Pilots for Edge-of-Space Exploration


Shrouded in secrecy, Atomik’s team of Cannabis Combustion Specialists has been learning how to harness the incredible power of the cosmos at an undisclosed research facility since 2013. It’s been widely reported that this team of scientists was abducted by aliens and taken from the planet for a number of weeks. Once returned to Earth, the scientists appeared to have gained a newfound understanding for cannabis construction using out-of-this-world technology. Today, one of these scientists broke the silence and opened up in a press conference:

“What we have uncovered over the years is astonishing; a variety of exotic marijuana meteorites capable of blasting the most seasoned marijuana adventurer to newfound heights,” said the scientist. “Take our Diamond Moon.Rock for example. It starts with our Private Reserve OG nugs which we infuse with high potency wax utilizing our proprietary alien process. Then, we roll the product in top quality crumble wax to create dense concentrated buds that resemble something out of a deep space dream. SC Labs tested this meteor at 58.74% THC, confirming Moon.Rocks Diamond is the single highest potency product of its kind on the market today,” exclaimed the scientist.  

702x336-atomik-2Now that the silence has been broken, experienced test pilots across California are invited to explore the limits of these extraterrestrial innovations. This intergalactic ganja comes in many variations such as Diamond, Ice, Gold, Elite and CBD. Each variation packs a powerful and uniquely crafted combination of cannabis products guaranteed to be your first class ticket to upper-atmosphere exploration.


Take your high to the next level by igniting Atomik 420 Moon.Rocks.

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