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Plushberry Marijuana Strain Review


“The Scoop” The Plushberry  gene pool enjoys a spaced out and sweet combination of parental lineage. Famous for its pinkish coloration and wonderful aroma, this colorfully potent strain was originally bred by TGA Seeds. Emphasized by its purple & pinkish calyx and pistils, this Indica dominant hybrid provides more Space than sweetness.

The Result: An Indica-dominant hybrid, Plushberry, a.k.a. Plush Berry, is perfect for taking the edge off the end of a long day. Despite its Black Cherry Soda ancestry, this strain is pleasantly refreshing and not overtly sweet.

Type: 80/20 Indica-dominant hybrid

Also Known As: Pink Lady

Genetics: Black Cherry Soda x Space Queen

“Stoned Meter”: A solid 7. A good high, but not necessarily a strong high.

Average Price Per ⅛: $37.69


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Strain Profile: Perfect for ending the busywork day, the Black Cherry Soda fragrance was mercifully not too overwhelming in this potent Indica-dominant hybrid. While the 20% Sativa side of Plush Berry will tickle your taste buds, the 80% Indica side will leave you seriously couch-locked if you’re not careful.

Strain Background: Tested under the name Pink Lady, Plushberry’s Black Cherry Soda and Space Queen lineage leave you with a strain quite unlike any other.

Appearance: You will understand the Pink Lady test name when you set sight on the pink and magenta calyxes in Plushberry’s nugs. Upon closer inspection, there are light, even lime, green nugs with multitoned purples under the rich coating of white trichomes. Plushberry even allows room for orange pistils that crawl over the reddish buds. Take a picture, because you’ll want to keep Plushberry’s appearance fresh in your memory.

Consistency: Plushberry is a tightly packed structure that won’t give much when you squeeze it. Dense and resiny, it will leave your fingers sparkling with tich’s.

Scent: At first, Plushberry gives off a berry scent – think foraging for rasp- and blueberries in a wild forest. Sink your nose a little deeper, and you can smell pine trees and citrus, with a creamy texture.  Plushberry’s smell is unlike any other, so you’ll notice it right away.

Taste: Oh my goodness is Plushberry something your taste buds will revere you for. Berry preserves, fruit candies, rainbow sorbets, Hawaiian shaved ice. Mix those beautiful fruit tones in with the skunky zest present in your favorite strains, and Plushberry will have your tongue all a-tickle.

Effect: Plushberry’s Space Queen parent is most noticeable in its high. Calming, relaxing, mesmerizing. It will produce a head high to keep you smiling, talking even, but the Indica does come through as well, easing your muscles but without leaving a trace.

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Growth and Seed Info: Plushberry is not for beginners. A good strain for grow connoisseurs, it does not provide a high yield, but is good for extracts due to its resin production.

Original Breeder: TGA Genetics/Subcool

Current Breeder: TGA Genetics/Subcool

Seed Bank of Choice: Seedmine

Flowering Time: 55-65 days

Flowering Type: Photoperiod (SCROG vs SOG?)

Growth Height: Very tall. Higher than a meter.

Expected Yield: Light-to-medium yield

Garden Skill Level intermediate/advanced

Breeder Quote/Advice: When cultivated indoors this strain works perfect in a SCRog or SOG.

Verdict: Plushberry is better left to the pros, if you’re talking grow skills. But if you’re looking for an Indica-dominant hybrid that won’t leave you stuck to your chair, Plushberry can provide the relief you need.

Related Strains: Black Cherry Soda x Space Queen

Family: Kush

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