Santa Rosa Planning Commission Snuffs Out Ban On Commercial Pot Cultivation


The mood was foul as the Santa Rosa Planning Commission pondered the fate of a proposed temporary ban on commercial cultivation of medical marijuana in the fifth most populous city in the Bay Area. Fortunately for all, the proposed ban was shot down in flames Thursday night by the Santa Rosa Planning Commission.

Citing righteous concern over criminalizing an activity many believe will soon be legal in the Golden State, Santa Rosa’s planning commissioners enjoyed a moment of clarity – agreeing the proposed ban was bad medicine and a low-rent notion, according to online reports.

Cognizant the proposed ban would have caused a senseless odyssey of pain and suffering for the local populace, Peter Stanley, Santa Rosa’s Vice Chairman explained, “I don’t want to turn anybody into a criminal overnight”.

Upon hearing the Commissioners unanimous rejection of the proposed ban on cultivation, an ecstatic mob exploded with cheers of appreciation.

While the proposed ban would have stopped short of preventing the personal cultivation of an individual’s medicine, which is permitted under Prop 215, it did spark the torch of fear within the local MMJ community.

Cultivation of cannabis in Sonoma County is rivaled only by winemaking as an agricultural enterprise,” noted the executive director of Peace in Medicine, Robert Jacob.

Jacob, whose dispensaries are located in Sebastopol and Santa Rosa, said the Santa Rosa planning commission had narrowly averted a step back into the dark ages, “By banning this activity, you will immediately push members of your community into the black market and out of compliance.”

After putting down like a rabid animal the notion of banning cultivation in Santa Rosa, Commissioners pressed the City Council to pass and establish a set of temporary regulations recently recommended by the subcommittee studying the topic. The transient regulations would only allow commercial cultivation with a special permit in very specific areas – general commercial, light industrial, or general industrial zoning districts.

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