Dr. Sue Sisley Pitches Medical Marijuana to Utah’s Politicians


Dr. Sue Sisley hit the snow-covered ground in the Bee Hive state last week with two goals in mind, to mingle with LA’s Hollywood set at Robert Redford’s Film Festival in Park City, and to educate as many of Utah’s political heavyweights on the highly controversial topic of providing medical marijuana to vets who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

“There seems to be this pervasive notion around here that there’s not enough science to justify marijuana as a medication.”

Dr. Sisley heads up the FDA-sanctioned trial of marijuana’s natural cannabinoids on those veterans who suffer from PTSD. As a physician specializing in internal medicine and psychiatry, Sisley, explained to the Standard Examiner

 “I’m here to bring some awareness about the immense amount of scientific literature that already exists to support cannabis as medicine.”

Seemingly fearful of science, Utah’s ongoing debate over the idea of legalizing medical marijuana has been met with a chorus of strong opposition in Salt Lake City. As politicians instead prefer their residents battle rare illnesses with addictive opioids rather than natural herbs.

When giving this month’s news conference at the state capital, Utah’s Gov. expressed his fear over legalizing medical marijuana in the Mormon stronghold of Utah:

“I’m not interested in having Dr. Feelgood out there say, ‘Yeah, yeah, que pasa, you know, here’s your doobie for the day and you’ll feel better.’ That’s probably not where I want to go.”

As support for medical marijuana grows among Utah’s elderly, a couple of important pieces of medical marijuana legislation are up for discussion. Up first SB73, originally backed by a Republican out of Sarasota Springs, Sen. Mark Madsen’s legislation would allow “whole-plant access” and would establish a system of state sanctioned dispensaries. Meanwhile the more restrictive SB89 backed by a Republican out of Cedar City, would only permit the use of cannabidiol under certain situations.

Dr. Sisley’s message to Utah’s lawmakers ~ remain uninformed at your own peril.

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