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How-To: Make Edibles with Already Vaped Weed



Today I’m going to teach you an easy way to bring new life to your already vaped weed scraps. Yes, you can recycle your weed! Previously something you would have disposed, can give you a whole new high. Pretty much the closest thing to ganja wizardry.  When you’re on a budget, getting two highs out of one bud is life-saving.



  • Half-Ounce of ‘Already Been Vaped’ Weed
  • 1/2 cup of Butter / Oil of your preference (discussed below)
  • Cooktop
  • Medium-sized saucepan
  • Spatula / Mixing Utensil
  • Cheesecloth
  • One medium-sized plastic container
  • Scale 


If you’re curious about the science behind this idea of recycling your weed, the THC and all the other cannabinoids that make up your bud vaporize at different temperatures. Vaporizing doesn’t combust the cannabis, it essentially bakes it at a high temperature, leaving a lot of THC on the buds. You do have to make sure that when you’re vaporizing, you’re not at so high of a temperature that you’re left with no THC. If your leftover weed is turning black, your temperature is too high. It should be a light to dark brown. 
Vaping is not only the healthiest way to consume our precious cannabinoids, it is also the most economical. With vaporizing, a little bit goes a very long way. You can also experiment with combining other healing herbs in your vaporizer to enhance your stash and make it last even longer. Keep an airtight glass jar next to your vaporizer and use it as your “ashtray” for all the vaporized herb. 

The best part of cooking with weed that has already been vaped is that you get to skip the long process of activating your canna-butter. Since your flower has already been heated by its first round of vaporization, all of the cannabinoids are activated and ready to directly infuse. The recommendation is to still give it some heat and infuse your scraps in butter or oil, but in a pinch you could theoretically throw the already been vaped weed directly into your brownie mix. The only caveat to this method is that the taste might not be as good.

Okay, now let’s talk about the fun part — the options you have for infusion: 

Canna-butter – Butter has been a long-time go-to for cannabis consumers because of its high fat content, it’s easy to infuse, and it makes everything taste freakin’ amazing. THC, CBD and all the other good-for-you things that are packed in our favorite flower attach to fat molecules, so our goal is to get butter with the highest fat content. To find the fat content just look at the saturated and unsaturated fat on the back of the package…I recommend to choose an unsalted butter with at least 7g of saturated fat.

Canna-Oil – Already-vaped weed can be infused into any kind of cooking oil, including olive, canola and my personal favorite, coconut. I haven’t yet tried avocado oil, but the more fat the better! Coconut has the highest saturated fat content with 12 grams of saturated fat, but olive oil and avocado are in the lead in the monounsaturated fats with 10 grams. Edible cocoa butter is also a great option for infusion as it has 8 grams of saturated fat and has arguably the best taste.

Both options for infusion are very versatile, and can be subbed into any recipe that calls for butter or oil. Don’t be afraid to think outside the “weed brownie box!” You can go the savory route with a stoned stir-fry, canna-buttered cornbread, or medicated mashed potatoes. The possibilities are endless.


  1. Weigh out a half-ounce of your Already Been Vaped weed (you can add less or more to adjust the strength of the final product)
  2. Create a tea bag out of cheesecloth holding all your ABV weed (this eliminates the need for straining). Place your THC teabag into an empty saucepan.
  3. Measure a 1/2 cup of butter or oil of your preference and add it to the saucepan with the ABV weed. If you’re using butter or coconut oil, you may want to melt it in the microwave first.
  4. Stir the butter/oil and the ABV weed together on low heat until the mixture begins to simmer.
  5. Simmer the mixture for a minimum of 20 minutes, stirring frequently. This ensures that your butter/oil is being infused to its maximum potential. If you have time to kill, feel free to leave your pan on low heat for a couple of hours.
  6. Once you feel satisfied with your infusion, remove from the stove.
  7. Squeeze all of the butter/oil out of the teabag filled with your ABV weed and discard. If you decided to mix your ABV in directly with your butter/oil, it’s now time to separate. Using cheesecloth, strain the butter/oil into a plastic container.This is easiest as a two person job, one holding the cheesecloth and one pouring out the pan. Squeeze all the remaining butter/oil out of the cheesecloth and into your bowl, and throw it away.
  8. Your infusion is now ready to use!


Sub your fresh canna butter or oil into any recipe, sweet or savory, and get creative. You don’t have to use it all at once either as it will keep in your fridge for a couple of weeks. It makes a great topping for toast in the morning before a stressful day.

My favorite flavor profile to enhance the herbal flavor of the butter/oil is lemon, but it’s always exciting to experiment and find your own preference. Share your favorite recipes in the comments below. I always love trying new medicated masterpieces!
Consume your ganja treats responsibly now, my friends, because while whatever you make will taste absolutely delicious, you can’t forget that they will be very potent. If you lost count on how many cookies you’ve eaten and need to soften your high, check out our article How-To: Reduce Your High.





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  1. Aaron Parsisian on

    I believe the smoke point was too low when I checked into that for my own research. It theoretically could be used, but not as effectively as the oils mentioned in the article. You need lots of fat (coconut oil has some of the best fat resources without sacrificing smoking point or health), or very high content alcohol for the extraction to go well, and you need to keep your heat down to avoid damaging your leftover chemical compounds. Last don’t forget to use a little alcohol or fats 30 min before consuming your final product to assist your body with uptake. Please do be careful to properly manage your dose, but I have no idea yet why. You can also eat or drink something with mango in it again at least 30 minutes in advance. I go for higher mango content as also because the myrcene in the mango helps to use less of the final product or give it more benefits, but can put you over as well. If you’re not careful?

  2. I put vaped remnants into a couple ounces of 190 proof golden grain alcohol. Simmer at 165 degrees F in a double boiler (so as not to have an explosion) for 20 minutes.

  3. this guy knows what hes talking about, I’ve been doing this a while now, and have it down to a science, I do exactly what he is saying, the only things different is when I make a bigger batch or change the level of potency . I use the pax ploom to get my vaped material on either lowest or middle heat setting and save my vaped material in a glass jar, then weigh out half an ounce and use between 1/2-1cup of organic coconut oil, sometimes I add in thai chili flakes because my fave is adding it to take out or home cooked thai food. I want to let people know that if you consume it a lot make a more potent batch so you don’t have tons of coconut oil in your belly cause that can get painful, I know from experience =). Some people add lecithin like sunflower to help emulsify but I haven’t seen any improvement from adding this step, only a change in color, appearance and taste. The one thing I could say is that it is amazing for sleep, two hours before bed time i throw some i homemade tom yum thai soup and drink it down, and I awake refreshed and feelin invigorated. good luck all!!!!!!

    • I am going to make this now with the standard 1 cup of butter. My question is, how much butter does it take for one decent high experience?

  4. Personally, I take vaporized weed and store it in a glass amber jar. When I want to imbibe I take a level 1/8th of a teaspoon of vaporized weed and combine it with a teaspoon of peanut butter. I do this between meals and the more active the better. I will then be high in about 45 minutes for about 4 hours.

    When I am going somewhere I carry a small container with the pot and peanut butter and ingest. This has worked great. You can also use olive oil or butter or any fat.

  5. Huckleberry on

    Does this work with weed that has been fully vaped? The description says light to dark brown will work, but in the picture the “already vaped weed” looks like it had been vaped for less than a minute, its totally green.

  6. i have finely ground vaped cannabis and added it melted chocolate and put in cupcake papers ans refrigerate for 10 min….the minnie cupcakes seem to the best dose for the day

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