Louisiana: Politicians Contemplate Legalizing Marijuana To Fill $850 Million Budget Deficit


Envious of Colorado’s newest source of legal tax revenue, politicians in Louisiana are now reportedly discussing whether or not to hop on board the marijuana legalization train as they look at raking in some much-needed green in the Bayou State.

Currently staring down the barrel of an $850 million budget deficit, Democratic Gov. John Bill Edwards would prefer to generate some sensible new tax revenue while Republicans subscribe to the old trickle-down theory and seek substantial tax reductions.

Appropriately, Louisiana’s interest in legalizing marijuana was seriously heightened after the state of Colorado reported their Department of Revenue collected more than $135 million in recreational marijuana taxes and fees during 2015 … and $35 million of it was earmarked for Colorado’s schools.

Tired of their social programs being chronically underfunded, KLFY news reports:

A bill to legalize marijuana may be proposed this session…

As Louisiana’s appropriations committee backed bills on Monday that would force a major reduction in state contracts and require more belt-tightening, Colorado is happily funding a large portion of their educational system with legal marijuana tax revenue.

Provided marijuana was legalized in Louisiana, politicians would be killing two birds with one stone. Not only would they generate a new source of revenue, which would no doubt spark supplementary business models and tourism, it would take the black market dealers off the street corners. Thereby dramatically reducing the states need to spend copious amounts of cash on the prosecution and incarceration of otherwise law-abiding citizens.

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  1. IT is about time states in the south start getting the tax moneys this kind of thinking could bring in to fund schools and roads in there states.. AND STOP PUTTING PEOPLE IN JAIL JUST TO FUND POLICE , JAILS AND THERE SCHOOLS.. THIS WILL HELP KEEP IT OUT OFF THE HANDS OF YOUR KIDS JUST LIKE BEER YOU MUST BE 21 TO BUY.. this would stop people that has sold it on your streets and pay no tax….

  2. Weed should be legal. It’s nobody’s business what you put in your body as long as you don’t hurt anyone else.

    But the tax revenue will eventually disappear. The only reason folks are reaping tax revenue now is that Colorado is still selling at prohibition prices. What dried vegetable costs $200 per ounce ($3,200 per pound)?

    Coffee has a huge demand and tiny supply and top grade costs $15 per pound in NYC. Weed has a tiny demand and a huge supply and will cost less than $15 per pound, less than 3 cents per one gram joint which will get you about as high as a bottle of wine. How much tax can you make on a 3 cent joint?

    • um you just don’t tax it as a percentage of sales price but instead a flat rate per gram (like gasoline is taxed in many places)

      • As long as you don’t do it like a pending bill (H.1561) in Massachusetts has outlined. That bill calls for a 200% tax on edibles.

        • Amazing that if you just say “weed” republicans will gladly abandon all their principles and institute a 200% tax!

          My personal conviction is that this insanity won’t last long. Eventually capitalism- for better or for worse- will have its way and legislators will capitulate. As the saying goes, follow the money.

          Not to mention the black market that will easily undercut the tax and the subsidized criminals who will then gladly sell to the underage children of these idiot Prohibitionist legislators who cut their nose off to spite their face.

      • I know! It’s very tempting to deliberately mislead these Prohibitionist a$$holes and watch them get hung by their own noose. But, unlike them, I don’t believe in lying and subterfuge. But that’s okay. They won’t listen to my advice anyways, so I’ll have the pleasure of saying – I told you so! I think that’s even better revenge!

        • tomanonymous on

          I don’t believe in lying either, but the fact remains that it was originally made illegal under a false racial pretense and the War on Drugs was started by a president who was impeached for being a greedy criminal. Those two fact alone should end prohibition immediately. Why isn’t Al Sharpton and the rest of the race baiters making a big stink about that?

          • Prohibition is immoral and based on lies – agreed. Al Sharpton is a race baiter? Now you lost me. It’s prohibition that is racist. Black folks were duped by prohibition just as they have been duped by racists time and time again. When we fill the jails with white bankers instead of poor black folks, then we an talk about race baiting.

  3. tomanonymous on

    I knew it was only a matter of time before the greedy bastards in Louisiana politics realized how much money they can put in their “FUND”. Don’t forget to take off the D at the end of “fund” to see where the money REALLY will go.

  4. Never going to happen. This is a prison state. There’s a lot of money to be made in private prisons. They’ll make cuts everywhere else. Where it hurts. Not where it matters. Like paying teachers less money, shoving more asshole undisciplined kids in each classroom. Letting go police officers and not paying the ones who stay enough money . Less police , more crime. More incarsaration . nah… It won’t happen. Cool dream though .

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