Oregon Senate Passes Bill Permitting Tax-Free Medical Marijuana In Recreational Shops


Oregon lawmakers spent Tuesday afternoon in a joint committee meeting germinating the seeds of greater access by passing SB 1511, pushing the bill forward that would permit recreational pot shops to sell tax-free medical marijuana to the state’s many card-carrying patients.

Aimed at reducing redundancy while increasing access and revenue, the bill was easily passed by the Senate by a 18-10 vote … its passage means it’s now on to the House for their full consideration.

The bill directs the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to integrate the states recreational and medical marijuana business models, both of which are currently administered independently by distinctive state agencies.

According to the verbiage in SB 1511:

“ The measure prohibits taxation of retail sales made to a medical registry identification cardholder or their designated primary caregiver and clarifies that the local option sales tax does not apply to medical marijuana; it expands “early start” retail sales to include edibles, topicals, and extracts. Albeit it sets daily limits on sales of edibles and prefilled carbon dioxide vaporizer cartridges containing marijuana extract; Exempts producers from canopy limits under specified conditions and provides that limits on mature marijuana plants does not apply until April 1, 2016 or to a person who has applied for an OLCC license.”

In addition to mashing together the recreational and medical marijuana storefronts, the bill will also permit those 21 and over to purchase their favorite concentrates and edibles over-the-counter, items that are currently only available to Oregon’s medical marijuana patients.

Read the full text of Senate Bill 1511

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  1. I don’t live up there but wish I did. We’re still trying to decide what to do here in CA. I don’t understand the big benefit to anyone by not asking medical patients to pay taxes, other than needing to treat it the same way a normal prescription would be handled when purchasing it. What are the prices for those who are on extremely limited incomes because their illnesses caused them to have to stop working and now receive disability through social security? With normal prescriptions many receive “extra or special help” from the government to be able to afford their drugs, but not with MMJ. In CA the prices are just like street prices and the only discount given to those who can say they’re on Medicare is 10%. So if someone wants to buy 3.5 grams it ranges between $35-$60+ and one gets a discount between $3.50-$6.00. $60 – $6 = $54. Still a very high price to pay for needed medication. It’s going to take some time to treat this as a true medicine for those who need it – and it’s quite sad that the medical profession basically forces patients to do things they don’t want to do just to get a little relief from difficult pain.

    • Most places in Oregon will give a 10% discount to Veterans. So, it’s almost like getting half taxed at these places for me.

      • I don’t really get this tax or no tax thing up there… nice you get a small discount for serving though. It’s just that for those who can’t afford much of anything but their meds, rent and food, more needs to be done, just like with all those pharmaceuticals out there that are discounted for low income households.

  2. In Washington State, Medical Marijuana has been treated like medicine until recreational pot was voted in. The powers at the state capital promised that the legalization of recreational pot would in no way affect the medical marijuana laws. All was well and good until along comes Gov. Jay Inslee and his cohorts, who saw a chance to exploit the Medical patients by lumping together MMJ and recreational marijuana. After July 1 2016 all Medical Dispensaries will be forced to file the forms, pay the fees and impose the same taxes as the recreational stores, or close their doors. One of the Govs.bragging points is that some Medical Patients may be exempt from paying local sales tax which is arounf 8%, but what they fail to mention is that we will still be charged the 37% excise tax.

    Also after July 16 2016 the possession limit for medical marijuana will drop from 24 ounces to just 6. and if you grow your own, the limit on plants will drop from 15 to just 4.

    This is all being done in the name of “Patient Safety” but it’s not hard to see that their true agenda is to limit the medical patient so they will have to buy their medicine from state run pot shops.

    Hopefully after the next election this bunch of tax grabbers will be in the unemployment lines and we will have some people in Olympia that are truly concerned with the well being of the Medical Marijuana Patient.

    • This makes me want to cry. Sick, on SSDI and cannot afford high prices. Thank you for all the ugly details. Bernie – 2016. (Just had to say it!)

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