Utah’s Concurrent Resolution 11 Urges United States Congress to Reclassify Marijuana


Bizarre, poignant, and fitting: How apropos would it be if senators from one of the reddest states in the U.S. were the ones that actually cattle prodded Congress into modifying marijuana’s status within the Controlled Substance Act? While a seemingly far-fetched idea for some in the Beehive State, if passed, Utah’s Senate Concurrent Resolution 11 would do just that.

Requiring the full approval of Utah’s legislature, plus the blessing of Gov. Gary Herbert, S.C.R. 11 would urge the United States Congress to reclassify marijuana as a ‘Schedule Two’ narcotic.

Utah's Concurrent Resolution Urging the Rescheduling of Marijuana

Utah’s Concurrent Resolution Urging the Rescheduling of Marijuana

First proposed by Sen. Brian Shiozawa (R-SL), S.C.R. 11 flew through Utah’s Senate Health and Human Services Committee Tuesday morning unopposed, according to KUTV.com. Now headed for the Senate floor for further consideration, the passage of S. C. R. 11 would permit broader research at facilities like the Huntsman Cancer Institute and the University of Utah.

Read more about the Utah Concurrent Resolution Urging the Rescheduling of Marijuana here.

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  1. Yeah, people have been trying to get it rescheduled for decades, but, Shiozawa thinks somehow this will be different?

    They’re blowing smoke in the Utah legislature, and it ain’t pot smoke.

  2. James DuMouchel on

    I’m a 70-yr-old Las Vegan and can hardly believe that in November we, and several other states, will finally be smashing down the doors of illegality so foolishly erected since the 1937 Marijuana Tax Stamp Act and other, later Drug War nonsense. On election day, please remember that Dems, by and large, are more sympathetic to our cause than Repubs. Bernie Sanders is way more pro-pot than Hillary.

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