Veterans and Medical Marijuana: Nevada Congresswoman Asks That U.S. Vets Be Allowed Access


Shining a bright light on the dark underbelly of political hypocrisy and the acceptance of medical marijuana, a new article written by Nevada Congresswoman Diane Titus, examines the role of our federal government and the U.S. Congress. Exposing a history of naked cruelty towards our war-weary vets suffering with PTSD.

With horrific flashes of wild clarity, Titus underscores the insanity of our federal policies concerning medical marijuana and highlights the feds continued resistance to allowing our U.S. veterans from acquiring the much-needed help provided by medicinal cannabis. Providing a thoughtful examination on why veterans should not be prohibited from benefiting from the same medical marijuana legislation that helps millions of other American citizens.

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In her article published in the Harvard Journal, the Democratic Congresswoman representing the First Congressional District of Nevada implored both the executive branch and Congress to allow VA physicians the freedom to openly discuss medical marijuana with their patients. Thereby allowing them access to state sanctioned medical marijuana where legally available.

Read the full policy essay titled “Puff, Puff, Pass … That Law” by Diane Titus here

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  1. AND CONGRESS KEEPS ASKING WHY ARE THE PEOPLE SO MADE AT US… congress take your head out of the sand and pass this law.. change the law on MARIJUANA making it just like beer in all states… STOP PUTTING PEOPLE IN JAIL FOR MONEY.. WE THE PEOPLE KNOW YOU ARE KEEPING THIS LAW SO THE RICH WILL KEEP GIVING YOU MONEY,S TO RUN FOR YOUR OFFICE… 75% of the voters want this law change on marijuana and you for over 35 years have not been doing what the people want.. SO IN 2017 WITH SANDERS OR TRUMP in the white house and a lot of you are out of congress… when the people stand up you will do your jobs are we the people will vote new ones to congress that will do the peoples work and not just the rich.

    • STOP PUTTING PEOPLE IN JAIL FOR MONEY….right on brother.

      privatized prisons and pharmaceutical companies are the two main reasons for this situation. i can’t wait until we can take our country back from them. it’s nice to see government officials like this congresswoman on america’s side of this long and ridiculous battle.

      • charles sanders on

        My sentiments exactly! This BS is about gagging people for money. You might call it a “Fund Raiser”…that sounds easier to take because we know its a big time money grab. The tobacco, liquor and over the counter drugs have killed more people than you shake a stick. The delaying tactics sucks! Cannabis has killed nobody so WTF!

    • Thumbs Up Sir! The people will only stand for so much. Yes this has been a long time coming but it IS coming.

    • Coffin Nailor on

      Sanders has spoken very openly about his feelings towards privatization of the jail system, and the ruining of young people in this countries future due to small nonviolent arrests such as possession. Bernie Sanders has said that he wishes to remove Marijuana from the list of controlled substances altogether. Opening the doors to care and treatment as well as a $50 billion dollar a year taxable renewable resource. Trump has some crazy views and stances on drug reform going so far as to claim he’s never smoked a cigarette drank alcohol and doesn’t drink coffee because caffeine is a drug. My take is Trump will ignore it altogether at the Federal level. Hillary claims to want it moved to Schedule 2 which won’t do much for anyone as far as reform.

  2. Marijuana is NOT in the same schedule as cocaine and amphetamine. They are schedule 2, while marijuana is schedule 1. Cocaine is safe when used medically, while marijuana is so dangerous it cannot be safely used even under a doctor’s supervision.

    • Can’t recall a more ignorant statement since watching the Congressional hearing of the DEA,IRS or other asswipe types.You sir have made the #1 slot of idiocy.

    • Coffin Nailor on

      Election 2016 will mark a turning point one way or another. Hillary has said she wants to move it to Schedule 2 so it can be more easily researched for by Universities and medical researchers. While Bernie Sanders has flat out said take it off the list of controlled substances altogether. We’ll see how this plays out.

  3. Coffin Nailor on

    Alot of these comments are missing the point. Great article as this pertains to my life personally. My father was a life long military man. And now diagnosed with cancer he can’t even receive treatment using medical Marijuana at any VA across the country because it’s on the list of controlled substances as viewed by the government as illegal at the Federal level. My sister is currently serving in the Army in the medical field and even she can see how this discrimination is not only affecting our family but this country and our service men and women as a whole. It’s time for reform across the board. We should support any and all politicians willing to point out the hypocrisy of our federal governments stance on Marijuana legalization. Washington D.C. has some of the most open and lienent laws found anywhere in this county! If it’s good enough for capitol hill why are the majority of us being left behind? Lets vote for change #FeeltheBern

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