Legalization Does What The Drug War Can’t


As the United States slowly embraces marijuana legalization, Mexican drug cartels are smuggling less weed across the border.

Accomplishing what the Drug War couldn’t with threats of intimidation and incarceration – the constant drip, drip, drip of marijuana reform currently taking place throughout the U.S. has ostensibly shattered the Mexican Drug Cartel’s grip on its smuggling operations along the US border, according to the Washington Post.

Last year approximately 15,000 Border Patrol agents were hard at work scouring the Mexican desert and searching the hot and arid region from San Diego to the Gulf of Mexico for pot smugglers. While successful in some cases, new data released by the U.S. Border Patrol suggests that 2015 was a dismal year for marijuana busts along the porous border. Declining to its lowest rate of capture in the past decade.

Seizing a meager 1.5 million pounds of Mexican weed at the border during 2015, last year’s total represents a heady decline from the 4 million pounds of marijuana confiscated in 2009 on the US border.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.34.29 AM

Photo Courtesy of the United States Border Patrol

With Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington all profiting from state sanctioned marijuana sales, this new data implies that legally cultivated domestic marijuana is one of the most cost-effective ways to end the violence and bloodshed along the Mexican border.

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Born in Long Beach, raised on the central coast: I surf, dab, burn, and blog – though not necessarily in that order. I'm a husband, a father and a lifelong consumer of connoisseur grade weed. I don't drink alcohol or consume any other "drugs." I consider myself to be living proof that weed is not a gateway drug. If it were, I'd be in some serious trouble. Instead, as a 50-year-old ex-realtor that has been smoking weed for nearly 80% of my life (just did the math) ... I can only say, marijuana is safer than prescription pills or alcohol could ever hope to be for calming what stirs the savage beast.


  1. This is what’s been stated repeatedly- yet our politicians still hold the misinformation and lies from the 20’s as an absolute. I’m constantly astonished at the rhetoric spouted by the “leadership” in our communities regarding cannabis use- regardless of it being medicinal or recreational- and the “dangers to society that pot smokers are”. I, like countless others, am exhausted by the perpetuation of outright lies that have cost our nation BILLIONS (possibly trillions) of dollars in the last century of prohibition and enforcement of draconian laws.

    • The 30s when the robber barons started the war on hemp. DuPont and his cotton fields, and Herest and his paper mills made with his tree forests. They needed to get rid of hemp. They started a smear campaign that is still in play now. If they would of left hemp alone. Cannabis would still be in baby medicine you could buy it over the counter and the hemp farmers would still be growing legally. Not the carlets.
      Let’s be real for a moment. They do, and aren’t going to throw up their hands and say, ok you win. We will just walk away because of the legallaztion of weed. They are genarational and its away of life, for them.

    • Todd Hendrix on

      “yet our politicians still hold the misinformation and lies from the 20’s as an absolute”

      Only the stupid ones (which is most). The smart ones are upset that they are no longer making bank on their smuggling operations.

    • Reverend Draco on

      A minimum of One Trillion since Nixon declared “war” on non-corporate drugs in the early 70s. . .

  2. Pstoffnhowlin on

    I started growing Cannabis in 1968 because it was loaded with seeds. I then learned, after a couple years, how to grow Sinsimia (that is probably spelled wrong) or seedless Cannabis. I was NOT alone, many, many people did the same thing.
    We have our own Government to thank for “the drug problem” in this country. Just do a you tube search. Type in the words: the Tatum chronicles or the Mena connection. Also, why do you think that US soldiers are guarding the Poppy fields in Afghanistan?

  3. Do you live in a bubble? Or a cloud of smoke? The cartels are alive and well in the “Legal ” medical marijuana businesses. Doing the same thing I did, legally. They have legal grows and legal collectives in the states with legal medical marijuana laws. Who do you think backs some of the people? It takes at least 100k to start a legal Collective or CO/OP.
    I spent that much of my hard earned savings, opening my Cal. state legal medical marijuana collective.
    And I’ve got news for some of you, if you make it work, the carlets are going to come to your back door and want their piece of your business. After all you took their business.
    The cartels have been in the marijuana business for how many years? As long as the drug war has been going on. Right… Do you think they haven’t jumped on the legalization bandwagon also?
    Pop your bubble and take off your green colored glasses. Because the cartels are not going anywhere, their just doing business a different way.
    One thing that might be good about the cartels in the legal marijuana business is, they won’t have shit! (meth, pills, or haroin) for sale at the legal storefronts. And they won’t be cookin meth at their grow, or stepping on the shit at a legal business. Because they are not stupid.
    The street dealer’s do all of the above…
    So FUCK!!! The street dealer’s!!! And go buy your weed at a legal medical marijuana Collective or CO/OP.

    • Park Allenbach on

      I’ve had 3 of my own personal Collectives and no cartel member ever came knocking on my door wanting a piece hahahah I was laughing reading this.

      • It’s just a matter of time, and you’ll be laughing all the way to your safe to pay them off. I have a friend who is connected to the cartels and he’s been in meetings where they talking about shaking down collectives. You don’t have to believe me.

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