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New Study: CBD Prompts Antidepressant-Like Effects


Online in time for the High Holiday, some rather interesting new research is validating through science what most knew instinctively. The CBD cannabinoid is nothing short of a gift from nature. In addition to offering hope to kids who suffer from life threatening epileptic seizures, Neuropharmacology has found evidence suggesting that CBD has more to give.

Cannabidiol induces rapid acting antidepressant-like effects.”

Utilizing mice instead of humans for this research – think schedule 1 status – the April 2016 study used an OBX mouse model to learn more about this debilitating human condition.

For the study, surgically modified OBX mice were first compared with ordinary mice and then both given the CBD cannabinoid. 30 minutes later, stunned scientists observed a noteworthy decline in hyperactivity, typically associated with anxiety and depression in humans.

The study concluded that…

“CBD could represent a novel fast antidepressant drug, via enhancing both serotonergic and glutamate cortical signaling.”

Offering hope to the 14.8 million Americans who suffer from a major depressive disorder, this encouraging research suggests the readily available and reasonably affordable CBD cannabinoid could soon be utilized to help mitigate America’s depressed masses. Most importantly, while Western medicine’s best treatments took months to quiet the depressive demons in Mickey Mouse’s unfortunate cousin; mice treated with Cannabidiol netted an almost instantaneous improvement.

Learn more about the CBD cannabinoid with Dr. Bonnie Goldstein and SC labs in the below video.


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  1. Yes, the effects can be instantaneous, and thank god for that! Now let’s see how the pharmaceutical industry will try and make millions off this “new” discovery…

    • Move on ova pharmaceutical ITSsssss medical marijuana moving in and thank god!!!! Cuz it helps with so many diseases takes the edge off my arthritis,spinal stenosis plus its god made, thats as natural as you can get , shit it was here b4 we were……

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