SXSW Festival: Music, Technology, Independent Films … and Marijuana Mentor Sessions?


Together again. Music, technological innovation and the flourishing marijuana industry: Captivated by the perfect partnership that is the SXSW festival, the swelling crowds at the 2016 event will be exposed to the newest developing technologies, enjoy relatively obscure indie bands, the artfulness of independent films, and four informative courses on the cannabis industry.

During this year’s five-day festival in Austin, fans of the tech driven SXSW event will be saturated with the collective awareness surrounding marijuana reform and excitement over the fast-growing cannabis industry. Sparked by investors and cultivated by companies, this year’s event will turn up the volume and educate the masses. Running through March 20, the event starts today at different venues around the Austin area.

As the 30th annual SXSW festival fires up, attendees are encouraged to enjoy “The melting pot of diverse industries that come together to utilize the event as a launching pad for their latest endeavors,” according to

Highlighting some 420-business opportunities and their potential legal obstacles, the 2016 SXSW festival will feature four specific mentor sessions.

  1. Sunday, March 13 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM: Pot Pioneer – Marijuana Opportunities and Pitfalls
  2. Sunday, March 13 5 PM – 6 PM: Enabling Cannabis Innovation with Law and Policy
  3. Monday, March 14 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM: Ending Cannabis Prohibition: Tech Politics Culture
  4. Tuesday, March 15 11 AM – 12 PM: Beyond The Leaf: Cannabis Grows up

Cannabis education, indie flicks, or the quest for new music; regardless of your motivation for attending the 2016 South by Southwest festival, this year’s event will surely inspire those looking forward to the future.


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