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WonderBrett’s Brain Candy Marijuana Strain Review


The Scoop: Easily distinguished by its unique branding, WonderBrett’s Brain Candy is arguably one of the best-kept secrets in L.A.’s potent marijuana scene. Crossbreeding the heady Sativa-dominant Bubble Gum with a potent Indica-dominant Sugar Cookie, WonderBrett’s (WB) Brain Candy is a strain on the threshold of gaining a lofty a reputation, and perhaps a few awards.

The Result: Available at 420 Central, the Herb Connection, L.A. Confidential, and Purple Lotus, this 50% / 50% hybrid is akin to a mythical unicorn strain. Magically pacifying the consumer when necessary, yet able to spark creativity when called upon. Doing double duty: WonderBrett’s Brain Candy is the perfect wake-n-bake strain, offering a little early morning motivation to help get those procrastinators out the door, and offering a soul soothing respite for those 9-to-5 grinders.

Type: Hybrid 50/50

Genetics: Bubble Gum x Sugar Cookies

Average THC: 23%

Average Price Per : $55

Strain Profile: Hydroponically cultivated with terpene increasing organic nutrients, WonderBrett’s Brain Candy enjoys consistently high THC test results. Residing squarely in the middle of the Indica v. Sativa spectrum, Brain Candy’s parental lineage provides the consumer a creative and energetic high, while also providing an elevated sense of relaxation.

Appearance: Properly processed, Brain Candy’s meticulously trimmed flower provides more smoke and fewer stems in the stash. Caked in puffy white trichomes and differentiated by slightly smaller nugs, WB’s inspired cross between Bubble Gum & Sugar Cookies provides rock-hard buds for the curious consumer.

Consistency: These flowers, in addition to being dense and tacky with cannabinoid-rich compounds, were methodically maintained during the curative process and jarred when finished. As such, the flower’s consistency is near perfect, like the moment they were first sealed.

Scent: Prying at the seal of your Brain Candy Jar, begging to get out and notify all in the room of her overwhelming presence, this strain’s fragranced-dipped terpenes burst with a twisted bouquet of vanilla-skunk, berry and sweet earth.

Taste: Brain Candy’s smoke seems sugar coated and palatable, earthbound and inspirational. Her overall flavor on the inhale is particularly appetizing, with the exhale maintaining the flower’s complex scent profile. When hit out of a freshly cleaned glass piece, this bud is like medicated candy for the hyperactive brain.

Effect: Capturing both sides of the medicinal spectrum, this 50-50 hybrid is perfect for the working man on the go. Its crossbred genetics allow individuals to focus when necessary and relax when possible. Placing this judiciously intoxicating strain on just about every patient’s must-have list.

Verdict: Brain Candy is a connoisseur’s smoke that doubles as a mighty fine medicine. From a medicinal standpoint, Brain Candy works well in mitigating debilitating headaches, chronic depression, overwhelming stress, and those nagging aches and pains caused by the simple activities of daily living.


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