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Wonderbrett’s Wondercookies Marijuana Strain Review


The Scoop: Meanwhile back at the genetics laboratory, Wonderbrett’s creative breeders took the unique Bay Area cut of Wondercookies, traditionally a clone only strain, and backcrossed it with its own feminized pollen. Purposefully cultivating a strain with a complex flavor profile, a soothing high and an exceedingly sticky flower – not to mention some pretty sweet seeds.

The Result: The high from Wondercookies is truly something special, to be sure. Providing mental clarity and a full body high, nirvana is obtained with just a few quick hits off this heady newcomer. Available at Purple Lotus, 420 Central, and The Herb Connection, Wonderbrett’s (WB) Wondercookies alleviates any physical demons while igniting the individual’s creative inspiration.

Type: Ordinarily obtained as a clone, WB backcrossed this version with some feminized pollen. Thereby creating a true Wondercookies seed line, in addition to capturing the necessary gene pool for future crossbreeding projects.

Genetics: Durban Poison x OG Wonder Kush

Average THC: 22%

Average Price Per ⅛: $50

Find Wonderbrett on Instagram

Find Wonderbrett on Instagram

Strain Profile: Wondercookies features prominently oversized resin glands – thanks to the Durban Poison side of the gene pool – providing a sweet cinnamon-laced aroma and rock-hard colas. Expressive of the Kush side of this well-balanced strain, OG Wonder Kush passes on to its genetic downline a potent punch of stress reducing terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids.

Appearance: Minimal stems, check. Swollen calyxes, check. Resin encrusted trichomes, check … dense-as-a-freaking-rock, check. WB’s Wondercookies hits all the high watermarks on my personal checklist. From an appearance standpoint, this lady is a stone cold stunner. Methodically trimmed till she’s bare of all sugar leaf, Wondercookies purple calyx and orange pistils twinkle with THC-laced trichomes.

Consistency: Harvested during the trichome’s peak maturation, when the calyxes are swollen and sticky-as-fu@k, Wondercookies buds represent a serious challenge to properly break apart with mere fingers. As a matter of fact, scissors weren’t quite up to the job either. This strain requires a freshly cleaned and seriously sharp grinder to accomplish the task at hand.

Scent: The cinnamon scented terpenes mix with the traditional thin mint chocolate aroma, defining the flower’s overall fragrance. For the sake of keeping this strain on the down-low in enclosed places, be sure to keep her lid on the container.

Taste: Wondercookies flavonoids offer a suggestion of cinnamon and a trace of the thin mint chocolate that made Girl Scout Cookies famous: Smoky and seductive, full-bodied and powerful – I think I even got a hint of garlic on the inhale. As for the exhale, Wondercookies tasted just like she smelled when I first cracked open the jar, dank. Best enjoyed when consumed out of a well-cleaned piece, or a properly rolled joint.

Effect: Astonishment, hunger, joy, relief. True to its name, Wondercookies instills a sense of “Wonder” for the universe that surrounds us, and a serious belief in the medicinal herbs that reside on our planet.

Verdict: Providing courage for the hopeless, energy for the listless, and an alternative means for the pharmaceutically inclined to manage their pain, Wondercookies delivers a lofty high that’s firmly grounded in modern alternative medicine. FYI, Wonderbrett has been busy in the laboratory crossing Wondercookies with his Pineapple OG.  As yet unnamed, this newest strain is anticipated to hit the shelves by the end of summer 2016.

In the below Youtube video, B-Real, a.k.a. Dr. Greenthumb, drills down Wonderbrett’s Wondercookies. 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0YwVvHJhPQ]

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