World Cannabis Conference: Spannabis 2016 Cultivates Networking and Knowledge


Move over Cannabis Cup and, heads up Seattle Hempfest – Europe’s largest legal cannabis centric festival is about to light up Barcelona, Spain. Running March 11 through the 13th, Spain’s Spannabis (a.k.a. World Cannabis Conference) looks to cultivate a greater understanding of this valuable plant and its life-saving compounds.

First germinated in 2002, this 13th offering of Spannabis will be the go-to event for Europe’s many cannabis aficionados. Primarily used as a seed finding expedition for those with a green thumb, the festival encourages the exchange of critical cultivation tips, hints, and instructive insights between today’s top cannabis breeders.

Not only does Spannabis promote the gathering of collective insights from some of the world’s best growers, it also manages to assemble Europe’s most ardent legalization reformers from Amsterdam to Barcelona for an annual meeting of the minds.

With 16 expert speakers drilling down on their nuanced topics, this year’s Spannabis event looks to elevate the plant’s occasionally maligned reputation and award those inspirational players within the cultivation game. Presenting awards for Best Seed Bank, Best Nutrient, Best Paraphernalia Product, Best Growing Tool, Best Hemp Product, and last but not least… Best Stand.

Demonstrating that North America is not alone its fight to reform marijuana’s reputation, this year’s cluster of highly regarded individuals will speak in-depth on the science of cannabis, cannabinoids and medicine, and the ever-changing politics of pot around the globe.

For the third straight year in a row, the weedmaps team will be on the ground and soaking in the knowledge – be sure to look for Gil and the weedmaps both as you tour the festival.

WeedMapsTV Goes To Spain!

(Graphic courtesy of Freedom Seeds)

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