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“Comedians in Cars Smoking Cannabis”


In celebration of 4/20, Seattle’s own award-winning filmmaker, Michael Stusser, presents a hilarious parody of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. In this spoof, Stusser skips the coffee and goes straight for the pot.

In his premiere episode, Stusser invites comedian Lauren Weedman (you might recognize her from The Daily Show, HBO’s Hung, or Curb Your Enthusiasm) into his 1965 VW bus that Stusser has dubbed the “ultimate stoner ride.”

Filmed in West Seattle, Stusser drives his comic guest, Weedman, along scenic Alki Beach while talking about hot-boxing, her last name, and trying not to choke on the gas fumes of the 1965 bus. When they arrive at Stusser’s, he lays out an elegant spread  of cannabis, or as he calls “tools of the trade for legal weed!” They pass a joint back and forth as they talk and laugh about the magical herb.

Stusser and Weedman had us giggling between bong-rips with their comedic approach to the celebration of cannabis freedom in Washington State. Check out the short episode in its entirety below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqsOWTkHVrw&w=560&h=315]



Higher Ground is a media-arts production platform that creates highly-produced video assets including a flagship satirical-news program (a mix between The Daily Show and CNN, just without that annoying Wolfe Blitzer fellow), a syndicated column on the legalization movement, along with viral social-media parodies.
Higher Ground explores and celebrates the elevated aspects of getting high. Founded during a revolutionary time of economic and spiritual transformation in the legalization movement, the brand will document and chronicle this incredible time in our history, and advocate for the legalization of cannabis (along with civil rights, gay rights, and human rights), and embrace the end of – yet another – prohibition.
“We’re really trying to Elevate the Dialogue about cannabis,” says Editor-in-Spleef Stusser. “And we’re using humor and social media to not only normalize the use of marijuana – but put it in context. People like weed – and they’ve been smoking it forever; time to make it legal.”
Comedians in Cars Smoking Cannabis was directed and edited by Marty Riemer (Twisted Scholar). Director of Photography for the shoot was Mark Goodnow, of the Production Foundry. Stusser and Riemer also created the award-winning documentary, “Sleeping with Siri,” which featured the journalist attempting a week-long Techno-Gorge, followed by a lengthy Digital Blackout.
Seinfeld’s series, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” most recently aired its seventh season, and is distributed by the digital network Crackle. https://comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com
Lauren Weedman’s new book, Miss Fortune: Fresh Perspectives on Having it All from Someone Who is NOT OKAY, was published by Plume in March 2016.



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