People’s OC Grand Opening


With a decade of experience in the marijuana industry under their belt, the founders of People’s OC have seen countless operations come and go. Determined not to go down that same path, he set out to obtain all the required permits and licenses that would make his shop legit and keep it around for the long haul. Though it took a lot of determination, patience, and paperwork, People’s OC has opened the brick and mortar location that will serve as the company’s cornerstone for years to come.

A dispensary for the people

The facility itself is the biggest of its kind in California, with its beautiful and spacious interior housing a wide variety of consumables and accessories, and staffed with a passionate, knowledgeable team ready to recommend the industry’s highest quality medicines. Whether you’re looking for flowers, extract, edibles, or glass, People’s has the best daily deals around. Stop by their beautiful new shop to say hi, check out their selection, and People’s OC will become your new go-to dispensary in Orange County.

Peoples interior

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  1. Peoples OC is in a crap location. Too much competition it its vicinity with better prices, and better vibes, and that don’t hire unfriendly swat teams to do security. This place will go the way of the Dodo Bird within a year.

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