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Cannabis Indica: The Indian Origins of Kush


Cannabis Indica grows two to six feet tall, is bushy and has more densely packed foliage than Sativa. Indica plants tend to be darker green with stubby, broad leaves, when compared to the long, thin leaves of Sativa. It is thought that the Indica strain originated in the cooler, dry highlands of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Northern India and Morocco, and thus would have been the source material in hash production. In fact, the “Ind” in Indica is a reference to India. Originally Indica had the highest CBD to THC ratio, but due to decades of manipulative breeding to increase the percentage and effects of THC, the CBD levels have been bred down to trace amounts in most strains.

Still, Indicas get a lot of attention as the medicinal strain(s) of choice. When possessing an ample amount of CBD, Indicas can be big medicine. In addition to delivering a full THC body high, and insomnia relief, a higher percentage of CBD adds pain and nausea reduction, anti-seizure, neuroprotection, anti-inflammation, anti-tumor and anti-psychotic effects.

The popular and potent Kush and Afghani strains are pure Indicas. Cannabis Indica strains produce 1.5 – 2.5 ounces per plant and usually take ten to fifteen weeks to cycle from seed to harvestable flower.

Photo Courtesy of Allie Beckett

Photo Courtesy of Allie Beckett

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Addendum: With the growing acceptance of cannabis in society, there is new focus on the category and the plant, from every angle. This scrutiny has not spared vernacular taxonomy, or how we classify and refer to cannabis varieties right down to the original base strains. This has resulted in an ongoing nomenclature re-examination. That said, the preceding classifications in this series are an interpretive snapshot of where we are at the moment.

To get an overview of the taxonomical dust-up, please click the link.

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