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How Much Weed Is In Your Joint?


If you’re anything like those participants in a recent ADAM survey, your joint weighs approximately .32 grams.

While some twist up pinner jail joints, subscribing to the philosophy of rolling them “thin,” so they can “roll again,” others twist up bombastic fatties, stuffing their rolling papers with an entire eighth of their favorite strain.

Seeking to nail down the average amount of pot rolled in today’s typical joint, for purely scientific reasons, PubMed / NIH just released a study indicating the average joint contains approximately .32 grams of cannabis/ marijuana.

Seeking clarity on how much weed is in your joint, as a means of projecting future tax revenues from the legal marijuana industry, guesstimating the approximate size and value of today’s black markets and gaining critical new insights on today’s marijuana consumption – the study is meant to provide a greater understanding of the possible benefits and consequences of legalization.

According to data gathered via the Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring Program, PubMed / NIH is reporting that “Using the Brown-Silverman drug pricing model to link marijuana price and weight, we are able to infer the distribution of grams of marijuana in a joint and provide a Bayesian posterior distribution for the mean weight of marijuana in a joint.”

Cognizant that a mountain of tax dollars can wipe away the stench and stigma of marijuana legalization for many, the smart money remains on today’s politicos in the “hate weed” camp jumping ship once they smell the wasted revenue and have an epiphany; Marijuana … is nowhere near as sinful as we had originally believed.

In this below video, Berner shows how its done…

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