Marijuana (News) Concentrates: Aspen Times Wants To Bust a “Cap”, Sac Bee Wants Weed Rescheduled, and Philadelphia’s Thomas Jefferson University Cultivates New Research Center


The Aspen Times lobbied for more marijuana businesses in Colorado’s Aspen Valley, the Sacramento Bee showed lofty support for rescheduling pot, and Philadelphia’s Thomas Jefferson University fired up a new center for medical cannabis education and research.

Those are your concentrated marijuana headlines; let’s take our Friday morning dab and drill down on some of these tasty terpene-rich headlines.

Aspen Times: Something ReeksAspen_marijuana_shop_moratorium – Righteously defending Aspen’s legal marijuana business against Mayor Skadron’s assertion that the marijuana trade is somehow “tainting” Aspen’s esteemed reputation, the Aspen Times took issue with the mayor’s recent misguided idea of restricting the number of tax paying pot shops in the adopted home of Hunter S Thompson. With Pitkin County casting 75.4% of their vote in favor of Colorado’s Amendment 64 back in 2012, the Aspen Times contends the mayor’s ill-considered restriction of additional brick-and-mortar pot shops would violate the will of the people.

Sacramento Bee:  Marijuana Should Not Be a Schedule 1 Narcotic  – Sacramento_bee_supports_reschedulingCalling the DEA’s “status quo” classification of marijuana as a Schedule 1 narcotic “untenable,”  the Sacramento Bee came out yesterday with a Tour De Force statement in support of the reclassification of cannabis within the controlled substance act.  Printing for all to read, “It’s long past time for Congress and the Drug Enforcement Administration to fix these loopholes by removing pot from a Schedule 1 classification.” With a simple vote, Congress could easily correct this horrific misclassification. Thereby allowing scientists and researchers to study its medicinal cannabinoids for the benefit of all.

Thomas Jefferson University Cultivates Cannabis Research  – PThomas_Jefferson_University_marijuana_researchroudly declaring itself the “first center of its kind,”  Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia has announced they’ve created a state-of-the-art medical marijuana education and research center. As part of the Institute for Emerging Health Professionals, The Center for Medical Cannabis Education and Research will offer valuable guidelines for physicians and their MMJ patients about cannabinoid focused therapies.

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