Plenty of 420: Enjoy Your Smoke Sesh with a Very Stoned Nick Jonas, the Most Intimate Radiohead Show Ever, and Larry David | Marijuana

Plenty of 420: Enjoy Your Smoke Sesh with a Very Stoned Nick Jonas, the Most Intimate Radiohead Show Ever, and Larry David


You Can Always Eat More, But You Can’t Eat Less
On Monday night, Nick Jonas stopped by the Tonight Show to let Jimmy Fallon in on a little secret he’d been holding back for years.

The youngest of the Jonas Brothers was set to present at the Young Hollywood Awards back in 2014 but decided to turn up a tad the night before. Presenting at a nationally televised award show is surely a nerve-wracking ordeal, so who could blame the former bubblegum pop icon? Jonas told Fallon, “I never do this, never happens. But I did it, enjoyed the night, felt great, went to bed feeling fine.”

If you’ve ever eaten an edible and gone to bed, you know what could possibly be waiting for you when you wake up — the aftershock. According to Nick, everything was in slow motion when he woke up the next morning. Knowing he had to present at the YHA later that day, Jonas started panicking. He tried showering to shake the high, but kept hearing voices telling him he was going to die (sounds familiar). He took a nap before heading to the show, but Nick’s stoned adventure had only just begun.

Once on stage for his big moment, the high was still roaring. The stoned Jonas brother veered off the teleprompter script to tell a joke he thought would kill, only to jumble his words and fail miserably with the delivery. “I thought it was going to be just amazing. I walked off stage and asked my manager, ‘do you think anybody knew?’”

“Yes, they definitely did,” the manager said.

There’s been a flurry of dope new music coming out, which comes as little surprise every year as artists all try to nab the coveted ‘Song of the Summer’ title. Check out some new bangers below, and tell a friend to tell a friend.

We introduced you to West Palm Beach, FL artist Wifisfuneral a little while back with his Black Heart Revenge project. Wifi just let loose a Nassacre-directed visual for one of the album’s standout tracks. Check out “Love the Feeling” featuring Robb Banks below, produced by fellow Florida native Danny Wolf. Bonus 420 fun fact: Guess who Robb Banks’ dad is … this guy.



While this isn’t a new song, it’s definitely a fresh take on it. Over the weekend, Radiohead’s Thom Yorke brought a guitar and mic to a neighbor’s backyard party and performed a 30-minute acoustic set. Check out a party goer’s cell phone recording of “Reckoning,” and if you’re in the mood for more Radiohead you can find their new album over on highTunes. Sidenote — is it too much to ask to turn your damn phone sideways when you absolutely know the video’s going to blow up?



Danny Brown has been hard at work on his follow-up to his critically-acclaimed 2013 album Old, but he still had time to drop off his first new single (and accompanying video) in quite some time. Check out the Mimi Cave-directed video now and be on the lookout for Danny’s next album on the way.



If you’re craving even more new music, check out new releases from Rae Sremmurd, Major Lazer, Lion Babe, and Divine Council.

Here’s Some Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good News
After a lengthy hiatus that many doubted would ever end, HBO has announced that comedy crown jewel Curb Your Enthusiasm will return for its highly anticipated 9th season. While we all probably would’ve been content firing up Larry David’s reruns during our bake sesh, it’s nice to know there will be all new instances of Susie freaking out. HBO’s President of Programming Casey Bloys said in a statement, “We’re thrilled that Larry has decided to do a new season of
Curb and can’t wait to see what he has planned.”

As for what Larry himself had to say, he’s already back in midseason form. The Seinfeld creator explained, “In the immortal words of Julius Caesar, ‘I left, I did nothing, I returned.’”

If you can’t wait for new Curb, here’s the spoof LD performed on SNL back in February.


420 Mystery Links
Are you a stoner that enjoys mystery and intrigue? If so, step right up to the 4:20 Mystery Links and click away, you never know what you’ll find. Should unexpected treasures be your bag of tree, you may also dig the Weedmaps Deals page, where you can find amazing bargains to keep your 420 wallet-friendly.

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