Plenty of 420: Enjoy Your Smoke Sesh with Weed Loving Cops, Burger King Fails, and Curren$y | Marijuana

Plenty of 420: Enjoy Your Smoke Sesh with Weed Loving Cops, Burger King Fails, and Curren$y


A UK police officer is in hot water over the hat he donned while on patrol. Officer Simon Ryan will face a public three-day misconduct hearing for wearing a wool hat that proudly bore the phrase “I Love Weed” on it. The hearing notice states, “whilst on duty at Northallerton police station he wore a black wooly hat stating ‘I love weed’ or words/pictures to that effect. Despite being advised to remove the hat, he resumed wearing the hat whilst on mobile patrol.”

One of Ryan’s colleagues anonymously added, “It’s a great pity that it was felt necessary to hold a disciplinary hearing over allegations which appear to amount to high spirits … Simon is level-headed and sensible, an excellent cop who has amassed loads of experience working in the Northallerton area for many years now, and one that you want to have working alongside you.”

High spirits, huh? As the new (and only) official cop of, we salute you for your bravery Officer Ryan.

Apparently Burger King thinks America has an undying affinity for the Whopper.

In Brazil, you can make your car smell like a Whopper, even when you’re not scarfing one down in your driveway after work before you go inside to eat dinner. That’s right, if you’ve ever wanted the aroma of a 6-hour-old burger under lizard lights to fill your car, you’re finally in luck. If that wasn’t enough evidence that Burger King is seriously on one, there’s another Whopper “innovation” on the way.


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Rumors have started circulating that Burger King may be testing a Whopper-in-burrito-form known as the Whopperito at certain locations. That’s the final straw for this once-proud fast food giant, as this idea sounds so disgusting that I don’t know how they recover.

Burger King continues to flaunt its inability to keep up in a crowded fast food marketplace with stonedeaf (the act of not listening to marijuana smokers) moves like the Whopperrito. While McDonald’s is taking what already works and making it better bigger, Burger King is trying to resurrect the golden arch’s old ideas that people loathed. It’s classic Burger King, honestly. Everything there is gross except rodeo burgers — and chicken fries, damnit.

Whenever someone opines about stoners being lazy, tell them about Curren$y. The New Orleans connoisseur has an incredible rap resume, working with Master P’s No Limit Records and Lil Wayne’s Young Money imprint early in his career before venturing off on his own. Curren$y is one of the most prolific artists in the industry, constantly releasing free projects for the fans. His Legend of Harvard Blue mixtape that came out on May 30th was already his fifth of 2016, an unheard of output level even in hip-hop.

After his Hot 97 Summer Jam set was canceled for rain on Sunday, Spitta made it up to fans by dropping “I Can’t Go Back” featuring fellow NOLA legend Juvenile, plus a double feature video for “Enter” and “Kilo Jam” from Harvard Blue. Check out all the new releases from Curren$y below and don’t blink or you’ll miss his next harvest.

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