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Poll Dancing: Ontario Prefers Dispensaries Over LCBO for Pot Sales


As the marijuana landscape starts to get clearer than a freshly washed bong, more Canadians are chiming on where they want to see legal marijuana sold. According to the recent Forum Research Poll, the government-run liquor store model is not a popular option.

The poll conducted in Ontario suggests that only 20% of Canadians want to see pot sold at the LCBO. The dispensary business model finished second at 26% while Canadian-giant Shoppers Drug Mart topped the list with a 35% of the vote. It should be noted that among Ontario voters, “just more than 4-in-10 have ever used marijuana (43%), and two thirds drink alcohol (69%). ”

The poll suggests an interesting generational split with 42% of baby boomers preferring the pharmacy option and 25% of the youngest group surveyed, more than likely those close to the legal age limit, preferring LCBO sales.  

However, the big number to focus on is 50% — the percent of Ontario voters who feel that selling liquor and weed together is inappropriate.

“While the government considers the LCBO the best place to control and regulate the distribution of legal pot, it is apparent voters don’t agree and, in fact, many find the combination of marijuana and alcohol to be an inappropriate retail mix. Pharmacies and dispensaries are preferred,” said Forum Research President, Dr. Lorne Bozinoff.

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