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The Petition to Nix the Tax on Medical Pot in Canada


In the grand scheme that is marijuana legalization, there is a waterfall of red tape and bureaucracy that puts Niagara Falls to shame. This comes in the form of permits, tax reforms, amendments, and other items that would make any non-lawyer turn into a narcoleptic. Some of these reforms, however, are quite important as they are necessary to right a wrong and in this case, wrong for no apparent reason.

In Canada, medical marijuana is the only prescribed medicine that is subject to sales tax, which doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out is hypocrisy. So there is a petition going around that is gaining tremendous attention from people both in and out of the cannabis biz.

One of the many supporters is Tweed, the highly branded medical marijuana giant owned by Canopy Growth Corporation. “Petition E190 is to address a very simple inequality that exists for medical marijuana patients in Canada. Right now they are forced to pay sales tax on their medicine,” says Jordan Sinclair, Tweed’s Communications Manager. He goes on to validate the fact that it is the only physician-authorized drug in Canada that’s subject to taxation. “We’re trying to raise awareness on this issue and gather signatures from Canadians whether they are medical marijuana patients or not.”

Jordan believes this is a very simple thing to do and that with enough signatures the government will do it. The petition can be found here:

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