Germinating Legalization: California Officially Cultivates AUMA Ballot Number, Proposition 64 | Marijuana

Germinating Legalization: California Officially Cultivates AUMA Ballot Number, Proposition 64


Hot damn, the California Secretary of State has assigned the Adult Use Marijuana Act (AUMA) the lofty designation of Proposition 64.

Hopefully tapping into Colorado’s Amendment 64 success, on November 8, 2016, Californians will be able to vote their conscience, and either legalize, tax, and regulate the recreational use of marijuana, or continue its costly prohibition.

After officially qualifying for the November 8th ballot by collecting over 600,000 signatures, California’s Adult Use Marijuana Act will be known as ‘Proposition 64′ during this November’s general election.


If passed on November 8, 2016, recreational marijuana sales and consumption would fire up Jan. 1, 2018, subject to the approval of any local municipalities and their licensing procedures. Currently, those local cities and counties who oppose legalization can outlaw any and all marijuana shops, deliveries, or grow facilities.

Cultivating strong support for legalization among the Golden State’s nearly 40,000,000 residents, the Public Policy Institute of California reported that 60% of those polled believed recreational marijuana consumption should be perfectly legal.

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  1. Monterey Bud on

    According to my online resources, the passage of California’s AUMA, a.k.a. proposition 64, would amend or repeal certain portions of SB 420, while leaving intact proposition 215. Additionally, Proposition 64 would prohibit marijuana use where alcohol and tobacco are currently permitted – think concerts and festivals. it also prohibits big alcohol and big tobacco from obtaining cannabis licenses; it seizes control of the Bureau of medical marijuana regulations; leaves open tax limits for local municipalities to set, limits the personal possession of nonmedical cannabis to 1 ounce of flower and 8 g of concentrates.

  2. fuck no

    AUMA is a disgusting joke; certainly worthy of its disgusting backer; Sean Parker.
    Seriously; does anybody trust a wealthy billionaire elite that donated the maximum contribution to the Clinton Foundation?
    Or how about when he ruined a piece of big Sur forest for his elitist wedding? Looking out for our state; right!?
    Arrest these terrorists; do not vote for their bills!

    Are you all serious? Use your heads!
    vote NO!

  3. Vote Yes! Do you even realize how important it is to the reat of the country, the reat if the world that the most populous state in America votes to legalize marijuana??? GDP wise, California is AHEAD of France and India! It’s 6th in the world! The significance legally, culturally and every other way for California to lead the way (after Colorado and the others, hahah) is Huge! Way bigger than the bills pitfalls.
    Changes to the big can be made later! Do not fall on your sword because the bill is not perfect! Do you really think you can get a perfect bill in any of the years to come?? How about with a Trump presidency? California passed onlegalization once already!

    Thw good California can do legalizing is much bigger than these problems with it.

    Legalize now, make changes later. Think with your heads! Please!

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