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Vancouver Dispensary Gets Second License in City’s History


To the dispensary owners in Toronto who wake up each day in the hopes that the police won’t raid their businesses: if it seems like the grass in Vancouver is greener, that’s because it is.

For only the second time in history, the City of Vancouver handed out a dispensary business license, this time to the great people at Urban Earth Medical Society. While they deserve great congratulations and lots of clients, it is a further example of the vast difference between the local Government and law enforcement’s tolerance of marijuana in British Columbia as opposed to Ontario.

In the City of Vancouver, the local government has issued rules and regulations for dispensaries. Meanwhile, in Toronto John Tory and the police department continue their medieval management approach by not agreeing to any licensing terms, putting off scheduled debates, and routinely raiding dispensaries instead of trying to find ways to do business in some sort of amicable framework.

“I’m not into the political side of things all I do is try to follow the rules,” said Lee Jackson, the Managing Director of the Urban Earth Medical Society. Jackson recognizes the historical significance of being the second marijuana business in Vancouver to receive a license, the first being the Wealth Shop. “We just followed the regulations and by-laws that they had and we found a place that was suitable.” Jackson goes on to point out that they don’t buy any products from anyone that isn’t licensed. “Our suppliers all have their licenses and that’s the only way we operate.”

Jackson originally was studying to be a cardiologist but got into the cannabis industry because he saw the benefits it had for his wife who suffers from a number of health issues that are treated with pot. “We both saw the benefits of [getting involved in cannabis].”

Jackson has two locations for Urban Earth Medical Society, the other one in Victoria, which does not yet have a license because the city is currently drafting the rules. “The City of Victoria is putting together some by-laws to regulate us over there.”

Urban Earth Medical Society carries every cannabis product under the sun including flower, hash, oils, tinctures and all other goodies except of course edibles, which the Vancouver government has called a time-out on for now.

Tomorrow, dispensaries across Canada will open, some in a better position to stay open than others. Hopefully, city officials in each major metropolis will take the time to go down and sample the products at some of these fine establishments. Raids seem like a whole lot of wasted effort after some quality Pineapple OG.

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Jon Hiltz was a journalist for for two years and is now director of content for INDIVA, a licensed cannabis producer in Ontario Canada.



    Port Alberni already has two with their Business Licenses.!
    A month ago !
    And were about to get a Third and forth and so on.
    The rest of the World is now trying to catch-up !
    We had the Second One in Canada .

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