DEA Rules Against Marijuana Rescheduling


The federal government is keeping marijuana in Schedule I for now.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has announced that it has decided to rule against petitions to reclassify cannabis under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

In a separate move announced along with the scheduling determination, the agency is removing a roadblock that has long stood in the way of more research into marijuana’s medical benefits.

Since 1968, the only legal source of cannabis for studies in the U.S. has been University of Mississippi, which operates under a license from the federal government. Scientists have complained that it is difficult to obtain marijuana from the facility and that even when their applications are granted, the product is often of poor quality.

Until now, DEA has taken the position that international drug control treaties prevent it from licensing more growers. But in May, the U.S. State Department said that interpretation is wrong.

And now, DEA will begin granting more cultivation licenses to other academic institutions, a move that is expected to greatly increase the amount and variety of cannabis available for research.

Political pressure has been mounting to force the federal government to ease up on marijuana. Last year, the Department of Health and Human Services removed one barrier to research: An extra review that studies on marijuana — but not other drugs — had to go through.

Earlier this year, DEA announced that it would soon make a determination on whether marijuana should remain in Schedule I, the most restrictive category, which is supposed to be reserved for substances with no medical value. The decision comes a little more than a month after the deadline it initially laid out for itself.

By announcing the cultivation license expansion simultaneously with the rescheduling denial, DEA may be trying to soften expected criticism that the agency is continuing an approach to marijuana that not only ignores science but actively blocks it.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has repeatedly pledged on the campaign trail that she will reclassify marijuana to Schedule II if elected.

What Would Rescheduling Do?

Moving marijuana out of Schedule I — or, removing it from the CSA altogether, like alcohol and tobacco — would have a number of effects.

Reclassification to Schedule III or lower, for example, would protect federal employees who use marijuana from a Reagan-era executive order that defines illegal drugs as Schedule I or II substances.

Additionally, only drugs under Schedules I and II are affected by the tax provision known as “280E,” which disallows state-legal businesses from deducting normal operational expenses from their federal taxes.

Because current laws and regulations prevent the Department of Health and Human Services and the Office of National Drug Control Policy from fairly evaluating Schedule I drugs, reclassification would allow the government to examine and communicate about marijuana in a way that prioritizes science instead of an outdated drug war mindset.

Rescheduling would also make scientific research easier. Douglas Throckmorton, deputy director of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, testified before the Senate that marijuana’s Schedule I status means there are “additional steps” that scientists wishing to study it must take and that reclassification would expand opportunities for research.

Moving cannabis out of Schedule I would also put an end to threats that newspapers who mail publications containing marijuana advertisements are facing from the U.S. Postal Service, since the federal law that agency cites to justify its actions only applies to Schedule I drugs.

Finally, removing marijuana from Schedule I and officially recognizing that the drug has medical value would send a strong message to state lawmakers and international leaders that the federal government is beginning to address decades of mistakes on marijuana policy, and that they should too.

But rescheduling alone would not remove the criminal penalties that still put people abiding by state marijuana laws at risk of federal prosecution and prison sentences. Other statutes would have to be amended to accomplish that.

Prominent Voices Call for Rescheduling

On Wednesday, the National Conference of State Legislatures passed a resolution calling on the federal government to reclassify cannabis, saying it’s current Schedule I designation causes public safety problems by preventing marijuana businesses from having access to banks.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder endorsed rescheduling marijuana after leaving office.

“I certainly think it ought to be rescheduled,” Holder said in an interview with PBS. “You know, we treat marijuana in the same way that we treat heroin now, and that clearly is not appropriate.”

And last month, another former top Justice Department official called for cannabis to be removed from Schedule I.

“Probably the biggest frustration over time – and it comes from both what Congress does, because they have the power to do this, and what the regulatory process is through both FDA and DEA – is marijuana continuing to be a Schedule I drug,” former Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole said. “And that, I think, needs to be changed. Because there is an enormous amount of anecdotal evidence of marijuana having some sort of medical efficacy.”

Marijuana law reform advocates reacted negatively to DEA’s denial of rescheduling. See an overview here.

Photo Courtesy of Allie Beckett.

About Author

Tom Angell covers policy and politics for Separately, he serves as chairman of the nonprofit organization Marijuana Majority, which works to ensure that elected officials and the media treat legalization as a serious, mainstream issue. Marijuana Majority led the effort to get the U.S. Conference of Mayors to pass a resolution telling the federal government to respect state marijuana laws, and orchestrated the first-ever endorsement for marijuana legalization by a U.S. Supreme Court justice (John Paul Stevens). Previously, Tom worked for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and Students for Sensible Drug Policy. (All organizations are listed for identification purposes only.)


  1. This is the constant proof that you are nowhere as free as you think you are. You are living by someone else’s opinions and rules. You will comply or else. There is nothing you can do about it. Our federal government is a true dictatorship, nothing more, nothing less. With the evidence of harmful substances available to all adults that are allowed because of the criminal ties and money to government, we should wake up and all together as one vote these people out. Take back your freedoms before it’s too late. I am in no way endorsing who anyone should vote for, just saying pick you beliefs and vote your beliefs.


        • Oliver Steinberg on

          The way to fight back is already in your hands–use the power of voting. Don’t imagine that protests and demonstrations and angry Internet posts will change a darn thing. They won’t. But when half the people who could vote don’t vote–and 3/4 of the cannabis users who could vote don’t vote–then there’s a job to do. Get people registered to vote; learn which candidates are sympathetic and which are prohibitionist—and learn to tell which ones are lying—and make your vote count. It’s by voting that CO, OR, WA, AK, and DC defeated prohibition. Don’t piss and moan about this situation—get to work and organize. It’s not going to be quick or easy. As Thomas Paine said, “Tyranny, like Hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph.” Or as Jimmy Cliff put it, “the harder they come, they harder they fall!”

          • from the top to the bottom, politicians prostitute themselves to the citizens of our great country. You wanted to be gay, you can be gay. You want to marry someone else who is gay, granted! So evidently the politicians seem to think , If you are not gay , or other wise a minority. you no longer have any rights. They, the elected officials, that were elected by the people of these United States of America , and sore an oath to protect the constitution of the united states, are promoting U.S citizens to disavow their rights. Rights guaranteed by our constitutional rights.

          • “If you are not gay , or other wise a minority. you no longer have any rights.” Can you please explain what on earth you are talking about here?

    • Michael Watson on

      At the end there I think you were saying you would vote for TRUMP,SMH? WHY? EVERYTHING YOU SAID IN YOUR POST PRIOR TO THAT COMMENT PRIMARILY CONTRADICS WHAT WOULD HAPPEN AMONGST other things of he were Elected POTUS? I COULD GO ON & ON BUT TRUMP NOT CLINTON EILL DO OR BE ABLE TO RUN OUR GOVERNMENT! YES WE ALSO ARE NOT A FREE country& do far it,!we are in some states like COMUNISTS & OTHERSA A NEW millennium kind of socialism smh

    • Its a system, we are all in it together.

      This OP, while I admire the passion, seems a little far off to one side, which side I have NO IDEA. But finger pointing and labeling wont get what needs to be done any faster.

      Lets try not to be advocates for idiocy.

    • I could not agree with you more. Preach on brotha!! The whole of the Federal Government is miniscule compared to that of “We The People”. “We The People” have a lot more power than we think. More than they want us to believe. The Feds work for “We The People”, not the other way around. The Feds paychecks are comprised of “We The People’s” money. The Feds way of thinking is antiquated at best. They are oblivious, blind and in complete denial if they can’t see the medical benefits of marijuana. They don’t want to see it, it would hurt their bottom line. The Feds classify marijuana as a schedule 1 drug and illegal, yet they are more than happy to collect the proceeds in the form of exorbitant taxes, which they will punish you for if you don’t pay, and confiscation of money and property. Hello????? Double standard!!! Why do the Feds get to have their cake and eat it too, and “We The People” don’t………..or do we??? Remember, they work for us. The Feds have brainwashed us to believe that they are in complete control. They use playground bully tactics, creating fear and intimidation to force us, the employers, to do what they want. Threatening penalties of fines, jail and prison. A little backwards don’t you think. “We The People” have the power to impose punishment as well. Social media is our weapon. Go viral people!!!! The day that “We The People” rise up united, with both middle fingers raised high in the air, unanimously proclaiming that we are no longer tolerating this dictatorship and we’re taking back control of our country. The Feds will have no choice but to bow down and do what “We The People” say. The Feds don’t have anywhere near enough people on their team to take all of us down, nor do they have the space in the jails or prisons to house us. Bottom line, majority rules and “We The People” are the majority. We rule. You may be surprised, these big tough thugs, the playground bullies (the Feds) will cower in the presence of the masses, dropping to their knees, begging for forgiveness from “We The People”. Much like the day you socked that playground bully square in his nose, making him cry in front of all the other kids. Great feeling wasn’t it? The day you took back your freedom. The day is here and the time is now. Rise up “We The People” sock that bully in the nose. Good fortune to all who read this. Pass it on. Copy and paste it everywhere. Add to it if you like. “We The People can and will succeed!!!

      • Good for you Mike! I;ve been saying the same thing for years. We the people is right! Yeah, what would those corrupt SOB’s do if WE THE PEOPLE STORMED THE WHITE HOUSE DEMANDING OUR RIGHTS!!!

    • Why is it that the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) classifies marijuana as a dangerous drug with no medical value. That classification contradicts mounds of evidence showing marijuana to be a very safe and effective medicine. Marijuana is more effective, much less expensive, and much safer than many drugs currently used in its place.
      Since cannabis sativa (marijuana) contains compounds recognized and endorsed by an agency of the U.S. government- Why is it that marijuana remains on the Federal Schedule One list of drugs? The issuance of patent #6630507 is a direct contradiction of the governments own definition for classification of a Schedule 1 drug.  
      Judge Francis Young of the Drug Enforcement Administration went on to say: “Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known. In strict medical terms, marijuana is safer than many foods we commonly consume.”Judge Young recommended that the DEA allow marijuana to be prescribed as medicine, but the DEA has refused.
      -Source: US Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration

  2. RobertRafferty on

    This is exactly what the private prison system, big pharma and big ag. is pushing. They want a S L O W roll out in order for them to monopilize the industry.

    • Michael Watson on





  3. Oliver Steinberg on

    In several Facebook comments, I predicted the DEA would not budge, when a recent rumor swept the Internet predicting a favorable ruling on re-scheduling. You have to understand the nature of prohibitionism, and you have to realize that when you combine the prohibitionist mind set with the institutionalized totalitarianism of a high-tech police state, this is the outcome.
    The DEA is a rogue agency, believing its own power cannot be checked by what it considers the chicken-hearted civilians in Congress or the rest of the Executive branch.
    DEA runs its own armed forces; makes its own laws; respects neither facts nor the Constitution; and expects to outlast, disperse, or suppress the efforts to restore cannabis to the hands of the ordinary citizens. And we who want to liberate cannabis must decide to be as determined to stand up for our rights as the DEA is determined to deny our freedom.
    Part of the demand for reform must be, from this moment, “Abolish the DEA!” Their role is to inflict government terror on American citizens. When our nation is under siege from genuine terrorists, why is any of our tax money and national resources being used to spy on, terrorize, and incarcerate our own people, instead of defending us against jihadists and fanatics? We must end the counter-productive, racist policy of prohibition, dismantle the so-called “war on drugs,” and unify our nation in defense against authentic, not imaginary, threats.
    This is an election year. Go to the campaign offices of whoever represents you in Congress, and bring your friends, and explain that they won’t get your vote for re-election if they won’t actively and openly campaign for removing cannabis entirely from the schedule of “controlled substances.” That’s what you can do—and also, send money to the initiative campaigns in California, Maine, Missouri, Florida, Nevada, Massachusetts, Arizona, Arkansas, and Montana. The progress we’ve made in recent years has come about by voting. Re-double the effort.
    In the end, prohibitionists would sooner abolish democracy itself than allow the voice of the people to prevail. That’s why marijuana is so dangerous–it causes insanity in those who DON’T smoke it.

  4. i wish some one would stand up and fight this in the courts. the DEA needs to be tried in a court of law. people are dieing every day because they are afraid that the war on drug money (4.3trillion was last figure i saw) . would be lost. they owen the patents on this plant that says it is very good medican. and yet yhey keep it at scedule 1. its about the money ,not compasion for people witch is sad. please rescedule. GOD bless

    • Oliver Steinberg on

      This has been in the courts multiple times. NORML started suing about it in the early 1970’s; by 1988 the DEA’s own chief administrative law judge ruled in favor of re-scheduling but the DEA rejected his recommendation; subsequent lawsuits failed to overturn that outcome; then in the years since then at least two or three other lawsuits have attempted to get re-scheduling—but despite the fact that the law as written clearly requires cannabis NOT to be on schedule 1, the DEA thumbs its nose. It is a rogue agency. Not answerable. YOU CAN’T WIN THIS IN COURT. It must be fought in the election, using the ballot. ONLY by voting have we made any progress, starting in 1996 with the California Prop. 215 victory for medical marijuana. All efforts for reform need to be focused on getting people to vote the way they smoke, and learn how to help our friends get elected and how to make sure we do our best to defeat our enemies–the politicians who uphold prohibition and give the DEA its free pass to piss on the Constitution.

  5. I can’t believe anyone is surprised. The DEA is not only mandated to enforce the drug laws, but to “actively pursue anti-legalization efforts”. They will NEVER do anything that would help with drug law reform. EVER.

  6. The DEA is one of the most corrupt departments in the Federal government and always has been from their creation with the dregs of Harry J Anslinger’s corrupt Federal Bureau of Narcotics. From unconstitutional asset seizures to partying with prostitutes these people are the scum of humanity. All the hope so many of us had that our toker president (now joined by his daughter Malia) would use his executive power to reschedule at the very least has turned to shit.

    • Michael Watson on

      I wouldn’t go that far but I definitely voted for that man and he should have at least done what you said that’s for sure. Instead he federally rated more dispensaries then in recent years under George W bush, SMH it was a shame. That’s why none of this stuff will be resolved wow whoever is elected president none of the stuff will change during that period of time. They just use it as rhetoric so we vote for either party that’s it.

  7. And thus the U.S. Government’s still continues this failed war on drugs to keep helping and funding the drug cartel. We need new leadership in this government if we want to win this war. I just wonder how many more victims lives are going to be destroyed until we have better leadership in this government?
    Cannabis is not harmful and should not even be on the scheduling at all.

  8. These people need to realize they do not rule [very us but work for us. When a majority of the people petition to get Marijuana rescheduled. You need to act on it as your constituents demand. Just another example of getting our government to do the will of its people and not to its people.

    • Michael Watson on

      That’s what I’ve been telling and it starts at the local level. We are stronger than the government as a people we have over 370 million people I think we can handle this but the government divides on purpose through means mostly not through racism and all that but that still remains of course it’s called division by all means necessary?

  9. James DuMouchel on

    Last year, Human Rights Watch—one of the world’s most respected authorities—declared drug criminalization inherently at odds with human rights standards.

  10. If it has no medicinal value why did the United States Of America As Represented By The Department Of Health And Human Services government PATENT it No. 6630507 and why does the Patent say it DOES have medicinal value if it doesn’t?

    According to the patent….”Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant properties, unrelated to NMDA receptor antagonism. This new found property makes cannabinoids useful in the treatment and prophylaxis of wide variety of oxidation associated diseases, such as ischemic, age-related, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. The cannabinoids are found to have particular application as neuroprotectants, for example in limiting neurological damage following ischemic insults, such as stroke and trauma, or in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and HIV dementia. Nonpsychoactive cannabinoids, such as cannabidoil, are particularly advantageous to use because they avoid toxicity that is encountered with psychoactive cannabinoids at high doses useful in the method of the present invention. A particular disclosed class of cannabinoids useful as neuroprotective antioxidants is formula (I) wherein the R group is independently selected from the group consisting of H, CH3, and COCH3.”

    Just sayin’

    • Michael Watson on

      The reason is because in a nutshell they said they have enough Medical science that you just stated just saying that we have enough information which is ludicrous but that’s the argument from the government and the FDA regarding any new cannabinoid medications when GW Pharmaceuticals are pumping out for the past 10 years various cannabinoids in other countries including our neighbor Canada. Look up sativex with is a Binaca like spray and would help my stage 4 cancer tremendously it’s sick we live in not a free country whatsoever if I could retire now and wasn’t totally ill and dying? I would move to Fiji or some remote island? Where of course they have cannabis because it saved my life when I was on hospice and I am only 42 years old.

  11. There is no political gain to be achieved if re / de-scheduling of cannabis occurred prior to the Nov 8th elections. It is quite smart to delay such a decision so as to ensure maximum turnout in several battleground states where either recreational and/or medicinal cannabis is on the ballot.

  12. To people with Epilepsy, pain, spasms and cancer,and loved ones, The DEA are nothing more then Propaganda spreading Terrorist. It is mind blowing How pathetic these people are. They are war criminals and should be put on trial for all the death and suffering they have caused with there war on drugs,, what a joke,, go have another cancer causing brain shrinking “studies show” Beer mr DEA man, you pig.

  13. I believe they should have fully legalized it a long time ago. However, they need to be ready for all the people who won’t use it responsibly. Including the huge problem of it in schools. It is already in high school and middle school as well as elementary school. It will only get worse and will affect future generations unless it is handled properly.

    • You mean just like all the people who are already using legal “drugs” like tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceuticals irresponsibly? I doubt many people will start using MMJ simply because it is suddenly legal. Those who are inclined to use MMJ already use it, whether it is legal or not. As you said, it is already in schools, and it being illegal makes it much easier for these kids to get. If it is in “pot shops”, buyers will have to be of a certain age and show ID. Dealers will sell to anyone; they certainly don’t care how old the buyer is.

  14. Sad that folks can stockpile weapons in their home , of course that is safer than someone smoking weed in their home. Bullshit. The laws are BS , held by ancient morons still in congress. Time to vote these assholes out and make weed decriminalized in every state. Pence is still locking up pot smokers in Indiana. what a crock of shit!

  15. Apparently the DEA will remain a total joke. Schedule I? Marijuana? Up there with HEROIN and LSD? Yeah, that makes sense. While things like cocaine and meth, things that completely and totally ruin people’s lives, are a mere Schedule II. And you KNOW that Big Pharma loves this and most likely pushed for it. I am a migraine sufferer, as well as having Fibromyalgia. MMJ/CBD products have helped me with both of those conditions more than anything Big Pharma has come up with, without those pesky addictions and side effects!

    Every time I go on my Fibromyalgia FB page, I see yet another person going off of their horrible Fibro meds in favor of using MMJ/CBD. You think Big Pharma is going to keep letting that happen? They will do their DAMNDEST to keep MMJ on that Schedule I! When I regularly use a small amount of MMJ/CBD, I don’t get migraines nearly as often, so I need Big Pharma’s products less. And the pills I have to take for extreme migraines are barbiturates! Really heavy duty,, extremely addictive meds. Those hardcore barbiturates are actually a Schedule III on the DEA list, while MMJ remains a Schedule I. Barbiturates like the ones on which Judy Garland overdosed. The withdrawal alone from those barbiturates can kill you. And it’s MMJ that’s the Schedule I? That makes absolutely no sense.

    • Oliver Steinberg on

      Well, there is a place for heroin in medicine, as it used to be sued –and as for LSD, it’s very powerful but nearly everyone who has ever tried it feels it’s a blessed substance.

      • Oliver Steinberg on

        correction–heroin used to be USED; it was legal for pain treatment in Britain for many years–see Arnold Trebach’s book, “The Heroin Solution.”

        • It was also fully legal in the US. There used to be heroin in Bayer Cough Syrup. The stuff was called Glyco-Heroin! And we all know there are plenty of things scheduled lower than MJ that are basically heroin anyway, other strong opioids. I mean the scientific name for heroin is diacetylMORPHINE.

  16. the gov is nothing but extortion artist it will never be rescheduled 🙁 ., the gov is run by Satan it’s a fact

    • Gary Johnson has a snowball’s chance in hell, and is basically just another Democrat. Even a real Lib won’t be president, unfortunately. Johnson/Weld is nothing but an opportunistic ticket.

      • Oliver Steinberg on

        Few people understand that Presidential elections aren’t national, they are 51 state-by-state contests for electoral votes (includes DC, which isn’t a state.) Your presidential vote counts only inside the boundaries of your state. Therefore if you live in a state which is “solid” for one or the other major party nominees (like Texas for GOP or Massachusetts for the Dem), and you realize we have two prohibitionist major party nominees–one a lying corporate stooge and one a vicious, bigoted, lying bully–why not vote for a candidate who is decent, qualified, and pro-cannabis legalization? Maybe your candidate won’t get elected, but your protest vote sends a message to the political professionals to pay attention. Historically, it takes 3rd parties to test-drive controversial reforms and prove their appeal to the voters, before the lawmakers will take the ideas seriously. Then they “swipe” the previously “unthinkable” reform and hope the disaffected voters will return to the fold in the next election. Therefore, your vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein is a smarter decision than voting for Clinton or Trump, neither of whom gives a hoot about legal weed, and both of whom would follow the dictates of the police and prison lobbyists. On the other hand, if you live in one of the 10 or 12 “swing” states, you should probably hold your nose and vote for Hillary, in order to keep sociopath Trump from having access to the nuclear codes. Imagine the USA under Trump—we’d be the equivalent of North Korea on steroids! Whereas, if Hillary’s elected, the GOP Congress will gridlock her and we can work for a better choice in 2020. That’s not good, but it’s truly the lesser evil.

        • Please don’t be so presumptuous as to attempt to explain the political system in America and the Electoral process to me, as if I don’t understand it. My husband works at the State Capitol (and NOT as a janitor) and has worked in politics since the 80’s. Unbelievable.

          • Oliver Steinberg on

            Well then, I’ve worked in politics since the 1960’s (and in our state’s Capitol, myself), so please consider that the explanation is there for the benefit of other eyes and/or minds than yours alone. Is there anything inaccurate about my analysis–no, it’s perfectly true, as to the structure and process. It’s great that a person with actual political knowledge is interested in this cannabis reform conversation, but that makes you the exception as you no doubt know. You, your husband, or anyone who really works in politics is aware of how few of our fellow citizens have even the foggiest notion about the structure and process of government at any level—I think 50% can’t name their Congressthing and 90% would have difficulty naming their state legislator. Of course, you may disagree with the opinions I hold about the merits or lack of them of various politicians or parties—we’re all entitled to disagree! So when you say “unbelievable,” I suppose you just dislike my opinions. The explanation I wrote was very believable, based on history and fact. I wasn’t a custodial worker, either . . . but I liked and respected the janitors, cooks, guards, and maintenance workers at our Capitol. And I always use my real name when I comment, so you know I’m not afraid to take a stand and be accountable for what I say.

        • I said “unbelievable” because you were so presumptuous as to feel the need to explain the basic American political process to someone you don’t know. Maybe YOU know a lot of people who don’t understand it; I do not. If you wanted to post that as general information, you should have just posted it, rather than addressing it to a specific person.

          As far as the other 2/3 of your post, it was basically who I should vote for and why. Save it.

          And as far as your “opinion” of Gary Johnson or any other pseudo-Libertarian, I really don’t care. Think what you want. I will say this: Gary Johnson is a LINO, and his only actual Libertarian qualifications are his views on MMJ. Otherwise, he’s just another Dem. And you even felt you had to justify why you use your “real name” to me? To a total stranger? OK… Have a nice day.

          • Oliver Steinberg on

            If you don’t know people who are uninformed about the structure and processes of our government and our electoral system, then are you confining your political interactions within a selective segment of your fellow citizens.
            I interact with a cross-section of people from all walks of life—and if we want to reverse the laws and policies of prohibition, it will require a popular movement, not just an elite of political sophisticates.
            My replying to your specific comment wasn’t a private “lecture,” it was an attempt to have a conversation in a public forum that others certainly could benefit from, which I suppose was also your motive in posting your original comment.
            You assert you know all about politics, but how much knowledge do you actually have–you call Gary Johnson a “LINO” and then refer to him as a “Dem.” He was of course the Republican governor of New Mexico; a former candidate for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012, and the Libertarian nominee in 2012 & 2016–so he looks to have credentials that satisfy enough Libertarians, and furthermore deprive him of any right to be labeled a “Dem.” Bill Weld is also a former Republican governor. You may call them both “RINO’s,” too, if you wish, but only at the risk of making yourself sound like a self-appointed ideological litmus tester.
            Especially telling is your hostile reaction to the fact that I identify myself and use my real name. Unlike so many on the Internet, I’m no troll or con-man or lurker. As an American citizen, I take responsibility for my words and actions and I consider political involvement and advocacy as both a right and a duty. This doesn’t require courage, merely civic convictions sincerely and thoughtfully held. Why can’t other Americans do likewise? I’ll explain my issues to strangers as well as acquaintances. That’s how freedom works.
            You state your husband works in a State Capitol—how many of the officials he associates with would have reached their position of public service if they weren’t willing to speak to strangers, and to listen to them as well? Could they reached public office by concealing their own identities??
            It’s fine to have differing opinions. And while Internet anonymity may be useful for some purposes, it also seems to encourage “information highway road rage,” and exposes a side of human nature that no civilized person should admire. Look at the vulgarity and crudeness of some of the other posts on this or so many other political commentary threads.
            Nothing I’ve written in this exchange deserves the scorn and hostility you’ve expressed. However, the irate, elitist tone and content of your contributions actually confirms and reinforces validity of what I’ve written. To an objective observer, your words convey far less credibility than mine. So much for your “Incredible!”

          • Ok, you are reading a LOT into the fact that I just don’t want to talk to you, and have explained why more than once. This time an entire UNIVERSE of assumptions. And with each reply of yours, it is more and more so. I only had to read about 3 sentences of your assumptive drivel to know that I am not going to read ANYTHING else you write. I really don’t think I have ever read such a steaming pile of assumptions. This is the trouble with replying to these types of forums. You write a couple sentences, and some stranger assumes they have known you for 20 years. You have no idea the “walks of life” I come across, so land the plane already. You are worst kind of hypocrite; pretends to want to actually have a friendly debate, but if you don’t agree with them, the “debate” turns into “here’s a bunch of things from out in left field that I am going to now assume about you” followed by “…and why I am now better than you BECAUSE of said assumptions”. Ugh, it’s so ridiculous and so arrogant it makes me want to puke. You take one small point, and it’s off to the races, so far from anything even close to what I had to say. Just a huge long monologue of what I “probably think”. I didn’t come on this particular thread to hear some stranger wax philosophical about what I “probably” think about SHIT. You really are in love with yourself, aren’t you? Just every word dripping with “here’s what I’m going to assume about you, and here’s why I’M BETTER!”. I mean, wow… why would I, why would anyone want to even ACKNOWLEDGE that? You are the personification of the word “Ugh”.
            Now I’m sure you will respond, you won’t be able to help it. But when I see your name I will just hit DELETE, because you, like many trolling through our cyber-world, are boring. Maybe you could go back and read what we both wrote, and see how you are so far out in left field, it isn’t even worth the time to READ your ramblings, let alone respond to them. Remember to vote.

          • And yes, I know that Gary Johnson was the R. Governor from NM, but he is so far from what a R even is anymore, and even describes himself as a …. you know what? Nevermind… you aren’t worth another keystroke beyond this next period.

  17. Perhaps the government hasn’t found a way to make money off of it and at the same time Cannabis adversaries- cotton industry, energy industry, paper industry, alcohol companies, cigarette manufacturers, are all lining up complaining that the world will go to pot if we legalize it.

    • Don’t forget the biggest adversary of all…Big Pharma. I do know that the state government of Colorado sure is making dough. I’m SO glad I live here!!

  18. Mr. E.Buchmann on

    Brilliant Oliver Steinberg ! You what I learned as a U.S. Citizen & Retired USMC Soldier & Serving in the U.S. Armry Corps. Of Engineers? Its all about getting the Politician who needs the votes and as Oliver put it let the Politician understand that you will get our votes only if they will agree with our terms and Yes whats wrong with that they do it so why can’t we do the same? Just in case you did not know this tactic that these Politicians canvass around all day long everyday looking for handouts and their Lobbyists make appointments to meet up with these huge conglomerate owners of such Coprerations such as Mr. Kraft for example, The Lobbyist who works for the Politician their job is to ask for MONEY to donate to The Politician in which they work for. This technique is very powerful one who donates this kind of money then expects in return a favor for a favor. Because of the people we put into office have an obligation now to perform for this huge profiled person who just donated Millions of dollars in which is couriered confidentally in secret to The Politician. Talk about Tax Free Cash & Fast Cash how do you think these Politicians can afford a lifestyle that they live. They would not be able to afford any of these luxurious with their Federal Income Paycheck. That’s OK though because when and if Mr. Kraft for example needs or wants a Bill passed or needs other assistance in regards to their best interest like allowing Huge Tax write offs for Kraft Corporation you better believe Mr. Kraft will prevail. Why, its easy The Politician knows if he needs this individual in the near future he can turn to him again. And once The Politician gets a few more people like Mr. Kraft then he or she is doing very well financially. So, you see if we can get the Politician to support what we expect who are running for office they will of course want to be re-elected. But, if we can show them WE HAVE THE POWER NOT TO VOTE FOR THEM THEY WILL FINALLY SEE GREEN ALL DOWN THE LINE. Which brings us to why are only a few States allowed to have this Medical Cannabis passed but the other States just have to sit back and look at all of these other States who are allowed to use Marijuana as they please? I thought we all had the same rights as American’s to enjoy our Freedom after all our country is called The United States of America? So why are we not United all 50 States? When they need help to go fight in a war and call on all of us to stand up as One Nation both Men & Women & now Transgender, Gay everyone is included in this but there is no equality when it comes to Marijuana? That’s discriminatory over all of our other parts of The United States as a Nation. Its like they want job equality for every American and no Racial Discrimination everyone is equal I thought in today’s society. In my State where I live you can buy Alcohol at 7 am to 2 am then you have to wait 5 hours to buy more Alcohol and to think some of these people then actually get behind a wheel and drive a car now this leads to disaster. Alone last year in my City alone we had 28,000 fatal hit and run incidents only in 12 months and growing? The whole Nation only had 11% last year alone for hit and runs with Alcohol related deaths that’s more than overdoses 28,000 fatal hit & runs in one city Los Angeles, California think about that now ! And now they want to keep Marijuana on Schedule I like Heroin ? C’mon Now ? WAKE UP !

  19. Well I have seen comments from stoner’s, potheads, morons, conspiracy nuts, the anti-government revolutionary survivalist types, the intellectual, and the free thinkers. However what about the realist…the person who says that alcohol prohibition didn’t get lifted until someone within started making changes from within! The guy that in that day didn’t have the same politics and the same population of people in the country to deal with.
    Now you take that line of thought and multiple all the crap that you have to add on for all the years and all the bullshit that has come with the world we created to that. Now think about how much harder and how much longer it will take that one person, and yes it still starts with one person, to get through the beginning of all of that.
    Now add all of us crying and bitching about what we can’t have everyday, and that person or that person’s team has to see it everyday now, unlike back then where we couldn’t post our feelings for the world to see every five seconds!
    It will come. It’s a process that 20 years ago who would have ever thought we would be discussing in an open forum?! We need to stop being so damn negative and find whatever positive way we can to support the movement forward.
    If you don’t like politics then stay away! If you aren’t into protesting positively, then don’t protest! Whatever it is you do make it a positive push for the movement, because my health can’t afford setbacks. I’m only 41 and I want to be able to do things before my body finally says no more, and that day isn’t very far off. Marijuana takes away the pain, pain that can come simply by bumping into a wall and if I don’t have it I’m reduced to just my prescriptions and they are only good for making me into an extra for The Walking Dead!
    It’s all about time, how smart we are when we are being loud, and how much true passion we show! Do you want it legal so you can sit in your parents basement, get stoned, do nothing all day, and be a drain on the world, without worrying about being busted for it? Are you a medical professional who sees the benefits for his/her patients? Or just someone in alot of pain everyday, tired of pills that make you numb, and only dull the pain, tired of not being able to break that fog with just the meds because there is still pain!

    If you want it legal get off your ass do the research and vote! Quit whinging and put your real voice out there! I have felt sorry enough for myself…he’ll for the world in just these words above so let it be the last for all of us! Go out there and make a positive, intellectual, heart-felt push for change and maybe, just maybe you will see what I started seeing when I did!

  20. Mary A Miller on

    Please consider sharing. We need to ‘educate’ our governmental ‘constituency’, I have had it.

    I am mad. I am not depressed, I am fed up. Sorry for the length of this posting, but i am on a rampage against the government for restricting not only MY rights, but siding with a tyrant who is strangle holding research and development: Mr Mahmoud ElSohly, of old Mississippi University.

    No one should have their MEDICAL care be decided by politics, have their children die because they can’t get access, or even die themselves because of serotonin syndrome, and other conditions that have no more medications available, is a crime of our system. It is not about addiction, nor about numbers of deaths (because cannabis doesn’t cause deaths if taken exclusively), or even about preponderance of evidence, because we know that there is plenty of evidence, if they are willing to believe the 26 states that have medical access (inclusive of District of Columbia), as well as the number of patients using cannabis (they can do the statistics, because we are registered within our states for use), as well as ‘proof’ of those who are being helped by it. This is a “DUNNA WANNA” problem based on prejudices, greed and Pharma.

    Our ability to talk to our doctors should not be in the hands of politics, because one lousy president who was paranoid, decided that “Jews, Hispanics, and African Americans, (and Hippies), were trying to take over the world by using cannabis and inducing other’s to do as well.” This was Nixon’s warped thinking.

    The fact that we cannot discuss our medial use of cannabis, even discuss cross drug reaction, even seek help from pain specialists, because “Cannabis is a schedule I drug and we can not help you,” even in LEGAL states, is a huge burden on the patient, on the family and certainly on the emotional affect it leaves us in our relationships. The fact that those with chronic illness face divorce, separation, in the highest numbers possible, you would think that congress would embrace the fact.

    We have to fight. We have to march, we have to do all we can to fix this mess. We can no longer keep moving ‘state to state’ based on temporary state agreements on medical access or legalization. There are still very few states with ‘straight’ legalization without hitches making cannabis usage difficult. With each and every state cherry picking their own ‘version’ of cannabis use, plant availability and dispensary availability, makes a mockery of medical usage.

    There is NO uniformity on licensing, no reciprocity (you can’t travel between states and have access), and no clarity of what areas are ‘dry”. Even in legal states busting farmers, bursting patients still happen. We live in a weird agreement where a MEDICINE is so misleading, so stupidly applied and held as a Moral matter, rather than a medical consideration.

    Thanks to this “prohibition” site, they inadvertently give us a fairer representation of the stupid history behind prohibition and cannabis going back to earliest use found.

    As I am trying to relate, cannabis use is STILL dicey regardless of where you are. That our government is a flatbed of hypocrisy, allowing some full legal access (the famous 13 grandfathered cannabis patients, of which I believe only 2 remain) by supreme court ruling, when the United States Government went into the “Pot Business”, and begin suppressing all research from 1968 on. Every form of suppression has gone on against those who attempt to study Cannabis: even by head medical botanists, who have properly submitted proper paperwork, inclusive the NIH, by Mahmoud ElSohly, the head of the marijuana research program at OLE MISS since 1981.

    Mr Mahmoud ElSohly, has established himself into a position of single handedly making determination in either accepting or rejecting research grants, and is working as a dictator in the department of “marijuana research’ at Ole Miss, REFUSING ALL GRANT APPLICATIONS and RESEARCH requests. He is the PERSON who is demanding to congress more research and more determinations, when he is REJECTING all requests! This is a circular argument that has no ability to be fixed, because of the MONIES being sent to Mr ElSohly, is to insure that no research CAN be done.

    Here are the industries that have a vested interest in Cannabis suppression:

    *Drug and Alcohol industry; big monies and lobbyists trying to conclude that Cannabis is addictive, when it is habituation.

    *Pharmaceutical industry , who holds the patent on Marinol and Stativex, while they research Terpene derivatives, are afraid of their patent holdings, or how to take Cannabis out of the farmer’s hands. (Which cannabis could save Farmers singlehandedly by allowing growing).

    *Tabacco Industry.
    *Alcohol Industry.
    Both are large lobbyists with large arms, wanting to keep their power and population buying alcohol and tobacco, while attempting to minimize ‘cannabis medical advantage’, because legalization of cannabis would lessen their coffers.

    *Cotton Industry, Timber industry,
    *Nursing Home industry, why? Because it might allow more patients to stay in their homes, because of the reduction in opioid use.

    It is a complicated MESS. But what we need to do as advocates is keep fighting for the rights of those who are ill to get access. I am trying like crazy to ask for STATE Parity, and STATE uniformity. This should not be left in the hands of the ill and family suffering to “figure out” whether their children will be removed from them, they will be arrested for use, and farms destroyed, nor live in fear of travel, or cross drug reactions, because they cannot talk to their doctor.

    • I think a lot of people forget about Big Pharma in general, and think it’s all about “the government”. Do you think Big Pharma want any of this MMJ, CBD oils and the like? I see people on certain medical forums discussing going off of this or that pharmaceutical in favor of MMJ or CBD every day. Opioids for pain, drugs like Cymbalta, Dilantin, Lyrica…. Big Pharma sees all of that too. They are BIG-TIME invested in not losing customers to the MMJ/Medical Hemp industry, and have the power to do something about it. They scare me as much or more than “the government”. Any of you see these stories lately on the $1000 per pill Hep C “cures” out there now? A THOUSAND DOLLARS PER PILL…. and they are getting it. (Btw, you must take 75-100 pills or more, do the math)

    • Miss Miller…I just learned a lot from your reading your post that I didn’t know. I have a question… What’s the Most important thing everyone should do to get this very complicated mess… Straightened out…? Tell me and I will try to help.

  21. The DEA…won’t ( Allow. .?) Cannabis to be changed to a schedule II drug… The DEA doesn’t make the laws…Why even ask them…? They don’t want anything that would make their jobs more complicated…or harder…the only way weed will be helped for sick people to use ( or anyone in Texas or Oklahoma ) . Is for the people we vote for… To change the Laws in this Country & State. I’m 64 with a lot of health problems that will probably kill me soon so I wish the people we’ve elected to represent us all…would do the right thing for all the Veteran’s and everyone else…so our lives would be made more bearable…. Soon.

  22. Ichabod Nutson on

    Quite possibly the worst part of the DEA’s decision: Those who came to the conclusion were paid to do so.
    I mean, if someone were hired to pilot a plane, would it be acceptable for that person to belly-flop the thing into a salt marsh, and then jump out yelling, “Hey!! Where’s my paycheck!!!”?
    Those tasked with making the judgment should have just refused to take the job, and saved the government a bundle. Really, what if you’d hired someone to paint your house, only to return home to find nothing had changed? How much would you be willing to pay for that?
    – Ichabod Nutson

  23. Marijuana grows beneath lights at Alternative Solutions, a medical marijuana producer, on April 20 in Washington, D.C. The Obama administration has denied a bid by two Democratic governors to reconsider how it treats marijuana under federal drug control laws, keeping the drug for now, at least, in the most restrictive category for U.S. law enforcement purposes.

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