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girl-mountains-600x400When you reside in a state with some form of legalized marijuana, it’s easy to take the prohibition-free lifestyle for granted. For many, the idea of going on vacation and being able to indulge in the finest marijuana products the world has to offer, without fear of legal ramifications, is still a fantasy. Between strict travel regulations and prohibitive hotel policies, it can prove rather difficult to light up while away on holiday, even in places where weed is legal.

That’s why a few years ago, the team at My 420 Tours decided to put an end to the paranoia and worry of vacationing stoner-style. Whether you’re looking for something to do on a day trip to Denver, or you’re looking for the full vacation experience, My 420 Tours is eager to help plan every last detail of your dream getaway. From dining and hotel accommodations to making sure you get to enjoy the best marijuana-themed activities Colorado has to offer, My 420 Tours has you covered. All of My 420 Tours’ trips are entirely customizable, so you’ll never get stuck on an activity you won’t enjoy.

Do you have an interest in growing plants of your own? Take the Greenhouse Grow & Dispensary Tour, where you’ll get an authentic behind-the- scenes look at one of Colorado’s premier cultivation facilities. After experiencing the greenhouse, you’ll be able to explore its affiliated dispensary, Euflora Colorado to discover all of the amazing products of the greenhouse. In addition, you’ll tour The Green Solution, known amongst some Coloradans as the “Whole Foods” of dispensaries.

17COLORADOJP8-master675Want to know how to infuse your favorite recipes with weed? Experience My 420 Tours’ Cooking with Cannabis class, where professional chef Travis French will guide you on your way to making delicious, infused meals. Cooking with Cannabis classes are at Stir Cooking School, located in the beautiful Highlands area of Denver. Don’t worry if you can’t finish what you make in class, all leftovers can be taken back to your hotel to munch on later.

If you’re feeling like you want to relax your mind and body, My 420 Tours has just the activity for you. Cannabis-infused massages from Apothecanna’s licensed massage therapists can help relieve any pain or stress with their infused oils and creams. Whether you’d like to venture to Apothecanna’s studios or enjoy the massage in the privacy and comfort of your hotel room, My 420 Tours ensures you’ll experience the ultimate relaxation on your Colorado cannabis vacation.


If you want to experience all that Colorado has to offer, My 420 Tours offers an all-inclusive package where vacationers can immerse themselves in all aspects of cannabis culture, from growing and cooking to strain pairing and joint rolling. Don’t worry about driving around Denver to get to all of your activities, My 420 Tours will provide you with private marijuana-friendly transportation.

To maximize your Colorado cannabis adventure, make sure to book your trip during World Cannabis Week, the “SXSW” of the marijuana industry. Designed, produced, and presented by the Colorado Cannabis Industry, World Cannabis Week aims to bring the entire marijuana movement together in one unified front. Book your trip during the weeks of April 13th – 24th to ensure you’re in town for World Cannabis Week, and get your passes now before they completely run out!

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