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New Mexico: Pot Pilfering Cop Caught Stealing Weed by Personal Body Camera


Infamous for their passionate pursuit of suspected marijuana offenders, a New Mexico officer was caught green-handed swiping a small sack of weed last week – thanks to a serious lapse in judgment and the cops own high-tech body camera.

Though cops in New Mexico have earned an ugly reputation when it comes to going the extra mile searching for marijuana among the driving population, when it comes to busting one of their own for stealing some Southwestern chronic from the police headquarters evidence locker, catching the officer was as easy as watching a video.

Omitting the extended anal probing commonly utilized by New Mexico’s inquisitive police force, and arrested last Wednesday for larceny, idiocy, and hypocrisy; Officer Roshern McKinney, 33, was caught on camera snatching a sack of cannabis from the Grants Police Station and turning over the karmic-laced herb to his girlfriend.

According to the New York Daily News, this was not the first time this cop had been caught with his hand in the cookie pot jar; officer McKinney has also been accused of pocketing nearly $800 in confiscated drug money and nearly a 1/2-pound of marijuana that mysteriously went missing from the police station evidence locker.

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  1. I would say from the personal experience of two of my former smuggler friends in the Emerald Triangle that the dirtiest pot pilfering cops in the Southwest are in Yavapai County, Arizona along the I-40 corridor. Both of them on separate occasions were profiled (California plates) and stopped for “speeding” though there was no radar used to prove it and neither were speeding. Both were made to wait while the drug dog was brought in from far away and both had multiple pounds of primo Humboldt bud missing from their inventory by the time the evidence was entered into the records. But what can you do? You can’t say to the judge “your honor your crooked cops stole my pounds”.

    These illegal stops are a fund raising scam by the poor western counties: they get your vehicle, your cash and any valuable resalable property. Once arrested your cash flow to their system becomes a constant drain on cash resources back home for the years of probation and pee tests. You pay for your stay in jail until you make bail and anything else they can ding you for. My neighbor even had his cat sent to the county shelter and he had to pay to keep them from killing his pal until he was free on bail. Then he had to stay in the county in a motel until his trial. If there’s any good news in this it’s that Yavapai county isn’t interested in keeping you in jail because they make more money off of your hefty fines and probation. And the cops get to smoke and resell some fine weed to their local stoners. Luckily both of my friends were able to have their probation transferred back to California.

    So a word of caution to anyone considering making a smuggling run east from California—don’t take shortcuts, stay off the I-10, I-40, I-70 and I-80 corridors and make sure your vehicle is in perfect condition to avoid nuisance stops and searches. Luckily after a recent supreme court ruling, during a traffic stop they can’t make you wait for the dog to come search you.

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