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‘The Clear’ Solution is Solventless Baroni; Extra Virgin Rosin

Providing a flawless and flavorful answer for today’s concentrate enthusiasts, Baroni’s extra virgin Rosin is ‘The Clear’ solution for those in search of a 100% solvent-free concentrate.

Tasty, powerful, and effective medication, these modern concentrates provide patients and recreational smokers one of the quickest and most efficient ways of medicating in social situations. Appetizing, powerful, and solvent-less, Baroni’s extra virgin Rosin is a hit.

The Clear  — rigorously tested by SC Labs on a regular basis — passed with flying colors. Testing clean for residual solvents and high for its elevated cannabinoid and terpene percentages, The Clear came back with a total THC content of 85.87% … with 85.44% classified as Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and 0.43% as THCa.


Setting a new standard within the 710 world of concentrates, Baroni’s extra virgin Rosin has cultivated a savory and satisfyingly clean product that’s unequaled in its flavor, potency, or purity.

The Clear Flavor: I have never tasted a Rosin this clean before. Like concentrates extracted with butane (BHO), The Clear maintains the integrity of the strains’ terpenes and flavors in this ultra-refined translucent nectar of the gods. Available in Headband, Trainwreck, True OG, and Jack Herer, The Clear tastes as good as it looks.

The Clear Dab: These tasty dabs hit like a champ! A raging BHO fan with a historical prejudice against Rosin, I was sure I’d be disappointed … and wow was I wrong. Smooth, potent, and every bit as flavorful as some of my favorite BHO waxes, budders, and shatters — The Clear was clean, flavorful, and sedating.

The Clear High: Elevating the marijuana industry to new highs with their unique process, The Clear utilizes a proprietary procedure during extraction. By combining the perfect temperature with the ideal pressure, Baroni’s process captures the available terpenes, decarboxylates and activates the available cannabinoids, and returns the flavor-enhanced terpenes to the batch.

The Verdict: Putting BHO fans on notice, this Rosin, The Clear is a serious contender in the world terpene-rich concentrates.

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  1. my name is jim c, owner of organic solutions of the desert, a licensed shop in palm springs, we do about 200 pts a day, a few weeks ago one of your reps dropped off some samples but never came in to introduce himself, was imptrssed with product but have sense lost flyer with info and cost, so if we could get a rep out here would like to place an order, we are biggest in cochella valley doing over 7 mill last year, i want your product in my shop, please contact when you can, jim camper, pres osd 76083278`13

  2. I’m in Chicago and I have extra virgin rosin lemon Jack, tangie cookie baroni/ DNA genetics and banana cream pie and wow I love em. Even at 50$ a half gram lol.. I really only at least try to smoke solventless but maples closed loop made bho is great too and west coast cured big meech og live resin.. the shit!!

  3. I have a e nail and I know all concentrates burn at diff temps.. does anyone know what a good temp is for this baroni virgin rosin by chance considering it’s a little different? I’m at 650… very terpey I love it. The new hscfe sauce made from the company wook crystals.. check em out. Puffing that too

  4. What the hell is extra virgin rosin as compared to virgin rosin… and rosin? IS it just marketing?

  5. With so many different types of Rosin on the market now, what brand might this be comparable to? What makes it so special compared to other companies like Olio or Head of Honey?

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