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WonderBrett Cultivates Sublime New Strain: Heads Up So Cal, Here Comes Orange Dynamite Stick


The Scoop: Blasting away stress and inhibition in the LBC and across the Southland, Orange Dynamite Stick is the chronic offspring from a collaboration between Sublime w/ Rome and WonderBrett – fusing the unique characteristics and phenotypes of Bubblegum and SF Cookies into one heady strain.

The Result: After ten months in the lab cultivating straight Fuego, Orange Dynamite Stick will be available at three Southern California dispensaries as both flower and concentrates – You can find it at 420 Central in Santa Ana, Buddiez’s in San Diego, and AHHS (Alternative Herbal Health Services) in West Hollywood.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 1.14.53 PMGenetics: Bubblegum x Frisco Cookies

Average THC: High

Average Price Per 1/8: $50-$60

Strain Profile: Hailing from the Western Edge of the Free World and created specifically for Sublime with Rome by one of L.A.’s master cultivators, Orange Dynamite Stick (ODS) is the brainchild of WonderBrett’s skilled horticulturists. Dense, potent, and available as concentrates, ODS will be the go-to strain during Sublime’s fall tour.

Appearance:  Visually inspirational as one might expect from a cross between Bubblegum and SF Cookies, ODS is cloaked in orange pistils and covered with THC-laced trichomes. This blazing hot crossbreed of late summer is a Sublime treat for those with a sophisticated palate.

Consistency: Sticky, dense, and an ill-advised strain to shred by hand, Orange Dynamite Stick is best prepared for consumption with a nice sharp grinder. After a few simple twists of the wrists … this lady is ready to blow anxiety up.

Scent: With a nose that resembles two childhood favorites, Orange Bubblicious (bubblegum) and Orange Crush, WonderBrett’s Orange Dynamite Stick enjoys a sweet and heady aroma that has little to do with prepubescent angst, cavities, or diabetes. Stinky, stoney, and powerfully aromatic, ripping a dab, bong hit, or joint of ODS while indoors could conceivably cause some unwanted issues.

Taste: Blowing up taste buds from San Diego to WeHo, ODS is a volatile mix of dynamic flavors. While Orange may be the new Black for some in TV Land, Orange Dynamite Stick is the new Green for 420 aficionados in Southern California.

Effect: Firey, meteoric, and intensely flavorful, Orange Dynamite Stick detonates anxiety and social discomfort, sending them into a mushroom cloud of neutrality. Mitigating restless nights of insomnia and quelling the uneasy apprehension of social stress, ODS is anticipated to hit the D’s shelves by September.

Verdict: Prue FIRE! Look for this newbie strain to dominate any competition standing in its way.

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