New Research: Marijuana Use Can Decrease Your Body Mass Index


Contrary to popular belief, marijuana use has been scientifically proven to help lower the body mass index (BMI) of some lucky individuals.

Marijuana_research_BMI_studyNot so long ago, I’m told, chronic marijuana use was thought to be inexorably linked to obesity, the munchies, and a dangerously elevated BMI. But thanks to the determined work of some tenacious researchers at The Journal Of Mental Health Policy and Economics, we now know that assumption to be loaded with variables.

Academics at Florida’s University of Miami evaluated the causal relationship between marijuana consumption and our ever-increasing BMI. Drilling down on a nationally representative sample, the study implemented a slightly different methodology.


Alarming some naysayers, scientists concluded those daily marijuana consumers with an XY chromosome (male) have a BMI that is approximately 2.7% lower than non-smokers, while daily female users (XX chromosome) have a body mass index that is approximately 3.1% lower than non-users.


Similar to a 2015 study that linked marijuana use with a decreased obesity rate, these findings demonstrate individuals with a history of marijuana use are potentially less likely to suffer from obesity and type II diabetes.

National Institutes of Health

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  1. What alot of people dont know yet is how the munchies work and how marijuana naturally controls appetite. It has become an appetite supressant for me which means I only feel bad hunger after I smoke. I only smoke after 6:00 pm now and am able to eat alot at that point. This allows me to have protein shakes in the morning and at lunch without feeling hungry until I smoke. It’s my secret weapon.

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