Plenty of 420: Keep Your Smoke Sesh Lit with These 3 Nuggets

Courtesy of Nick Nery

Courtesy of Nick Nery

Bill Nye Saves the World

For kids who grew up in the 90’s, the education system was very simple; you learned your math from Schoolhouse Rock, geography from Carmen San Diego, and science from Bill Nye the Science Guy. The system was flawless but got derailed somewhere along the way. Thankfully, Netflix is going to put a stop to the madness. The streaming service will launch a new talk show next Spring called Bill Nye Saves the World, hosted by the colorful chemist himself (he’s technically a mechanical engineer, but that wasn’t as fun to say).

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According to Netflix, Bill Nye’s new show will air next April and investigate various facets of science and their respective impact on the world. There will be elements of pop culture, politics, and societal commentary on the show as well. Special guests will stop by to discuss scientific topics, as well as help with experiments and demos. Nye loves to dispel bogus scientific claims and facts on social media, and Netflix has decided to make this hilariously informative banter part of the program. Nye will reportedly have a segment on the show where he refutes baseless internet myths, so fair warning to rapper B.O.B.

Netflix has been on a roll with their nostalgic programming after bringing back shows like Fuller House, so it’ll be interesting to see who tunes in for Bill Nye Saves the World.

Just a tip for Netflix producers who also happen to read weed sites: please bring back the song parodies, I need to hear “Who Let the Smog Out?” like I need air to breathe.

Isaiah Rashad and Travis Scott Release New Albums

Two highly anticipated albums in hip-hop were released heading into Labor Day Weekend, with TDE’s Isaiah Rashad dropping his proper debut The Sun’s Tirade and Travis Scott letting loose his Rodeo follow-up Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight. Both albums are packed with dope features and incredible production — Kendrick Lamar fans will be stoked to find new contributions from K.Dot on both projects. As far as notable guests that stood out, Rashad somehow got a Silkk the Shocker verse in 2016 while LaFlame recruited the ever-reclusive Andre 3000 for his album’s opening number. The two albums have very distinct vibes, much like the varieties of tree our loyal readers smoke during their 4:20 smoke sesh, so listen strategically.

If strain-inspired music pairings are your bag of tree, check out our highTunes series.

If you’re smoking sativa, we recommend The Sun’s Tirade by Isaiah Rashad.rashad
For the Indica smokers out there, you’ll want to hit play on Travis Scott’s Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight.travvy

Donald Gets Trumped by Tacos

We don’t cover the political beat on Plenty of 420, but all bets are off once tacos enter the conversation.

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Marco Gutierrez, the founder of Latinos for Trump, went on MSNBC to discuss the Donald’s definitely-not-a-joke-anymore deportation plan, but things quickly went south (of the border). Gutierrez began defending the outrageous plan by quoting Star Trek for some reason, explaining, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” Twas an interesting start, but here’s where things really went off the rails for Gutierrez:

In his effort to instill fear in the hearts of all Americans, Marco instead caused a mean grumble in our collective tummies by issuing his grave warning of taco trucks on every corner.

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OH NO! How dare the Mexicans bring their delicious moving restaurants to our country that has 18 million combined Starbucks and McDonalds. What would we ever do, America? Oh, just keep crushing as many collective tacos as we currently do? Alright, cool, we can handle that. More importantly, will there be taquitos? Is there any guarantees in place that churros would be served warm at all times? Is there going to be specials on Tuesdays? These are the answers we need, America.

420 Mystery Links

Pick a number, any number, to be swept off your feet by a cloud of smoke and taken to a random place on the internet where you’ll discover… well, only one way to find out.

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Come back for Plenty of 420 content to check out during your smoke sesh, and tell us what you’re smoking on in the comments!

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