The Dabolition Derby: Demolishing Cars for Charity


If you could dream up your fantasy weekend, what would it look like? Would there be live music? Maybe you saw yourself smoking on the finest herb California has to offer while watching wrestling? Did you visualize cars smashing into each other for fun? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, we have an exciting revelation for you.

It isn’t a fantasy, all of this is happening.

The first annual Dabolition Derby Charity, Music, and Arts Festival goes down in real life September 17-18, and you definitely don’t want to miss out.

This one of a kind party will be held at the Lake Perris Fairgrounds in beautiful Southern California, where festival attendees will also be able to camp if they wish to stay for the whole weekend. Proceeds from the Dabolition Derby will benefit ten different charities, including organizations that work toward raising awareness about cancers affecting children, epilepsy, epidermolysis bullosa, multiple sclerosis, and more. The Dabolition Derby offers you the opportunity to have the time of your life all weekend while changing the lives of so many in need, so get your tickets now before they’re sold out.

The two-day extravaganza will feature two stages with packed lineups to keep you dancing throughout the whole weekend, so bring some Sativa! The 18-and-over festival will also feature booths from some of the top brands in the industry and designated areas to toke up, so make sure you have your doctor’s recommendation with you upon entry both days. If you are sans rec card, fear not; the Dabolition Derby will have doctors on site to assist qualified patients with the process. After you take some dabs and visit all the great vendors, enjoy the Lucha Libre wrestling exhibition in the 215 tent, watch the incredible street art battles, or satisfy your munchies with some delicious grub from the massive food court.

After top national acts like Fortunate Youth, LAW, and Don Carlos take the stage, go grab a spot in the 5,000-seat arena for each night’s main event: the Derby.

Starting at 9PM on Saturday and Sunday, derby drivers representing some of the top brands in cannabis will get wild and crazy during a 20-lap “Demolition Cross” that’s sure to entertain the whole family, plus your weird friend who loves watching car wreck videos on the internet all day.

Towels and umbrellas are allowed at the Dabolition Derby, so get there early to secure a good hangout spot. Empty, refillable water bottles will also be allowed into the festival, but leave any other food and beverages, including alcohol, at home. The organizers of the inaugural Dabolition Derby have assured us that security will not be on the lookout for marijuana and they encourage you to bring your medication and personal smoking devices.

Considering the Dabolition Derby’s action-packed schedule, you’d assume tickets were a pretty penny, but think again! For just $60/day you can attend the Derby in style with access to all VIP areas and a special gift bag curated by the event’s premier vendors filled with an assortment of dank goodies. If VIP tickets are sold out, you can still nab a general admission 2-day pass for just $50, an amazing value.

Get your friends together and buy your tickets to the first annual Dabolition Derby now, but don’t be surprised if they think you dreamed the whole thing up.


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