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Adidas Features Massive Marijuana Grow in New Ad


If we asked you to describe the presidential debates in a few words, chances are that “progressive” wouldn’t be one of them. However, one of the advertisers during the massive television event did take the opportunity to rise high above the fray and show that they were thinking ahead to the future.

During the first debate between Hillary and Trump, you probably saw a 60-second ad from Adidas’ new “Your Future Is Not Mine” campaign. In the Terence Neale-directed spot, millennials walk side-by-side (in their fresh af gear) through visually gripping scenes while solemn piano keys give way to a rebellious call to action; “I’ll never go down your road, I’ll find my way … on my own,” the song repeats as the twenty-somethings blaze the trail for a new era.

What you may have missed in the quick editing cuts was a scene where two of the dissidents walk through what appears to be a massive marijuana cultivation site. Inside a large commercial greenhouse, the pair walk past a grower in a gas mask and HAZMAT suit spraying the cannabis plants with what we hope is an all-natural formula.

This isn’t the first time Adidas has embraced marijuana culture, as they’ve released cannabis-friendly products in the past on a number of occasions. For example, we featured a dope pair of hemp sneakers Adidas released in partnership with BAIT to celebrate 4/20 earlier this year.

The three-striped footwear and apparel giant has been making strides in their attempt to catch behemoth rival Nike in the past few years. Taking chances on controversial marquee names like Kanye West as endorsers have not only paid off but actually positioned Adidas to be the “it” brand of the next generation; a group that is steadfast in their disdain for ancient status quos.

By accepting, and even promoting, the reacclimation of marijuana into mainstream culture, Adidas is poised to position themselves perfectly for the world’s next economic and social revolution.

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