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Cooking with Keira: How to Make Cannabutter


Welcome back to Cooking with Keira ! I’m Keira, and today I’ll be showing you how to make cannabutter!

Why Should I Make Cannabutter?

Cannabutter is an effective, convenient, and simple way to add cannabis to your favorite foods and recipes. Cannabutter is a must-have when infusing baked goods and desserts like cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and pastries. Cannabutter is also a great complement to regular, everyday foods like toast, mashed potatoes, popcorn, and more.

Let’s Get to Making the Cannabutter, Please.

You took the words right out of my mouth!

You’re going to need to collect a few things.


  • Slow cooker
  • Fine mesh strainer
  • Rubber spatula
  • Whisk




  • Turn the slow cooker to the lowest setting. Add ½  lb of butter. Stir the butter around to make sure it thoroughly melts, covering the entire bottom of the slow cooker (or skillet, if working on stove top) and some of the sides. The reason the butter goes first and must cover the entire bottom of the stove cooker  is to avoid sticking, burning, and ruining your precious flower.


  • Once butter is completely melted, add in ½ ounce of ground cannabis. Pour into the middle to make sure the cannabis doesn’t stick to the sides. Stir gently — don’t push it down.


  • Allow butter and cannabis to simmer for 3  hours. Keep a watchful eye, stirring every 20 minutes. Make sure nothing is burning. After 3 hours, your butter should be ready for straining. Turn your slow cooker off and let it cool for a couple minutes. It will be very, very hot!IMG_0965-Edit
  • Use your fine mesh strainer. I use a French Press — I find it to be the easiest and quickest way to strain. Slowly pour butter into your strainer. BE VERY CAREFUL. Pour butter away from you to make sure you don’t spill on yourself. Scrape your inside of the slow cooker for excess flower (don’t waste anything).


  • If using a French Press, make sure to slowly press down. You don’t want any of the decarb flower to get through. Once strained, allow to sit for a couple of minutes and cool before transferring to a container. 


  • Pour strained cannabutter liquid into an airtight container; cover container and place in the fridge overnight.


You are done! You have a fresh batch of Cannabutter! Now start making some medicated recipes!


Stay tuned for more recipes with Cooking with Keira!

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Keira is a Canna-Chef and co-owner of Ambrosia Edibles and Ambrosia Topicals. During her stay in Japan, she started an all-natural DIY cosmetics blog that gained popularity domestically and internationally. She left for Oregon in 2014 to start a career as a professional baker. Within less than a year, her products could be seen in multiple stores across Southern California. Today, she spends her time creating new products for Ambrosia and putting together fun and easy recipes for


    • Hello Isabel,
      You can store your butter in the freezer, but I recommend storing your Infused Cannabis Butter in the refrigerator, keeps the butter fresh and readily available. I keep my butter for 1-2 weeks, stored in an air-tight container.

  1. Does the ground cannabis need to be decarbed before cooking? Isn’t the 3 hours cooking enough to decarb the cannabis thoroughly?

    • Hello Big John,
      I always decarboxylate before cooking or baking. Reason being, when ‘decarbing’ you can control the time and temperature making your end result more potent and consistent.

  2. So the longer you decarb the stronger the oil? Also, what kind of slow cooker is that? Can I make Rick Simpson oil using that as well?

  3. Susan aka MamaBudz (original) on

    Actually the answer to the decarboxylization question is incorrect or rather incomplete…

    All it takes is heat to force that pesky extra CO2 molecule on off into the world so yes, your cooking for 3 hours on what I sure hope is less than a simmer is sufficient to have both decarboxylization and to infuse the lipid of choice.

    Unless you have a handy dandy decraboxyl tool (and they do exist but cost about $250 a shot and only for small amounts) you are hit and miss using an oven, toaster oven, or other overall heating device that does not keep the cannabis sealed during the process and one which cannot be securely kept at a constant temperature and that temperature being less than 220 F or 100C (the boiling point of water).

    Let me put it this way, your oven did not pay for that ounce, you did. Why share?

    Karen: slow cookers work great for infusing into oils and butters (lipids) Rick Simpson oil is made with a tincture, ie using alcohol. There would be a danger with an unventilated slow cooker as alcohol is “cooked off”. Just as when using a rice cooker for the process, ALWAYS cook in a ventilated area (outdoors is optimal) and ALWAYS have a fan blowng the alcohol funes away from flames and heating elements (like the ones in the base of both slow and rice cookers.)

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