How to Keep Your Private Supply Secure and Fresh


You may not think about those things very often, but if you live in a household with children, whether youngsters or teenagers, you should. Babysitters, roommates, house guests, pets — all can potentially snoop where they don’t belong.

Fortunately, now there’s SneakGuard, the world’s first locking, vacuum-sealed storage container designed to protect against kids, their friends, pets or anyone else getting into your supply — all the while keeping it fresh and odorless, almost indefinitely.

SneakGuard is, simply put, the most technologically advanced cannabis storage available for home use.

In fact, it’s so innovative it’s covered by two separate patents. SneakGuard uses a built-in vacuum system and dual airtight seals that instantly remove all air from the container, keeping the contents fresh. It has a secure lock using a combination you set, and contains 4 storage sections with dividers for humidity regulating packets (which can be purchased separately) to control the moisture inside.

And its ergonomic design means it’s great for people suffering from arthritis or joint pain.

SneakGuard is refrigerator safe, BPA free, eliminates unwanted odors, offers optional moisture control, and is small enough for easy hiding and storage.

Right now, SneakGuard can be found at a limited number of high-end retailers, but to make it easier for their customers, it’s also available from the company’s online store for just $119.00 with free shipping. They even offer an easy payment plan — just $30 per month for 4 months — making it more affordable for people on a budget.

No matter how clever you think you are about hiding things, people and pets are natural snoopers. SneakGuard can reduce the odds of someone getting into your stash, while helping it stay fresh a lot longer — making your home a safer and less stressful place for all.

Click here to visit the SneakGuard website and learn more.

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