UPDATE: Test Results On Kevin Sabet’s Edibles Are In


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On September 22nd, we covered a story about the much-maligned prohibitionist Kevin Sabet’s antics at a recent Boston panel discussion about marijuana legalization. Orchestrated by Boston NPR affiliate WGBH, the forum was well attended by both supporters and opponents of Massachusetts ballot initiative Question #4. Unfortunately, Sabet saw the spotlight as an opportunity to spread more propaganda to uninformed Americans.

When it was his turn to speak, Sabet withdrew two sizable plastic baggies from his suit jacket pockets. Both bags contained one ounce of colorful gummy candies, and Sabet went on to claim that one of the bag’s contents had been “sprayed with THC.” Sabet’s stunt ruffled the feathers of many within the marijuana community who saw the prohibitionist’s disregard for state and federal cannabis laws as hypocritical at best, and criminal at worst.

When Sabet placed the bags down on a table behind the panel after his demonstration, Boston-based cannabis reform activist Dr. Keith Saunders was able to secure the bags and deliver them to a local testing facility to assess the validity of Sabet’s claims.

Dr. Saunders’ issue with the candy stunt was that Sabet broke the law, regardless of the THC content test results. Massachusetts laws prohibit the possession of marijuana products by anyone without a doctor’s recommendation, especially the sizable quantity Sabet alleged he was holding. On the other hand, if the candy was a placebo prop to make a misguided point, the “quarterback of the anti-legalization movement” also broke the law; the Commonwealth has statutes on the books that outlaw the impersonation of illicit drugs.

We spoke with Dr. Keith Saunders after the incident and asked his opinion on Sabet’s blatant disregard for the law — or facts.

Dr. Saunders told us, “He was trying to pull off some showmanship. If he was telling the truth, one of those bags contains over an ounce of THC-laden product, which is above the decriminalization limit in Massachusetts. He either had to procure them elsewhere and bring them into Massachusetts in violation of federal law, or he had to procure them illegally in Massachusetts. While we do have legal edibles for patients, he is not a Massachusetts resident to my knowledge. Either he did that, or he offered a counterfeit substance, which itself is a crime in Massachusetts. He committed a crime, one way or another. He thought he was being a smart ass and showing off, but in reality, he was committing a crime. He should be punished for what he wanted people to be strewn up for his entire career as the drug czar’s Mini Me.”


Courtesy of Boston Pot Report

Now, we finally have the candy’s THC test results from Dr. Saunders.

Dr. Saunders explained in a story on DigBoston, “In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the lab test results showed that Sabet’s candy contained no detectable amount of cannabinoids. In other words, he was lying. I wonder if Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, who is actively campaigning against Question 4, will prosecute Sabet for his apparent criminal activity, or if she sees it all as an inconsequential game, as long as he is sharing in her opposition.”

Dr. Saunders, a NORML board member, went on to add, “prohibition laws apparently do not apply to Sabet.”

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  1. diana vasquez on

    You guys are lame. Honestly, hit Sabet on substance, not this kind of sh*t. And don’t you know about PR 101? The more you talk about what the law actually allows (pot candies) the more people might get scared and vote No.

    Seriously, I want to free the weed, but get a life.

  2. Sabet is an ignorant, lying, desperate and uneducated example of the most despicable kind … so people are afraid of “pot candies”??? What a crock … whomever is afraid of “pot candies” is against the legalization of marijuana anyway and figure that saying “candies” scares anyone and everyone who cares about children in any way … that is simply LAUGHABLE and terribly disingenuous … I mean, grow the F- up, grow a spine and get on with your OWN life and quit telling other people what free choices THEY should make in THEIR lives …

  3. Thank God for people like Kevin Sabet. Dr. Sabet is as purely motivated as my 7 year old niece. Wait- should we verify that I actually have a 7 year old niece? Seriously! Maybe go hit your bong a few more times before deciding on useless stunts like this. Maybe you are scraping the barrel because vote NO seems to be the best way to go!

  4. Prohibitionist lie as a matter of policy!
    Regarding cannabis legalization, All the Prohibitionists said “Let’s wait and see what happens in Colorado “. Well, we’ve waited and we’ve seen. The only “adverse” effect is that real estate price are becoming unaffordable. Violent crime, DUI deaths and teen use all went down, just the opposite of what the Prohibitionists predicted, with certainty

    We’d all be better off if the police would focus on crimes that have actual victims.

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