Chicago Wins, In More Ways Than One


The curse is broken!

While the Chicago Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians last night during the 10th inning, ending a 108-year drought, a deficiency of another sort has also ended – limited access to medical marijuana in Illinois.

Toiling for 108 years in abject obscurity, the Chicago Cubs have finally won the World Series. Sparking an 8-7 victory after an extended rain delay, during extra innings of Game 7, the Cubs squeaked by the Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field. And joining the triumphant Cubbies in their unlikely victory, WGNtv is reporting the state of Illinois now has more than 11,000 patients and 44 medical marijuana dispensaries.

Cubs Win World Series

Photo Courtesy of the Houston Chronicle

Defying the odds, both baseball’s perennial losers and the acceptance of marijuana as medicine have accomplished a noteworthy comeback for the benefit of all Illinois residents. While medical marijuana beat the odds in 2013, the Cubs snatched the reins of victory from the Cleveland Indians and hoisted their first championship trophy since 1908.

Ah yes, 1908, a bleak yet enlightened time in the industrialized American heartland. A moment in history when the average hard-working American could expect to live to the ripe old age of 47, the typical worker made a heartbreaking $400 a year, common illnesses were rampant killers … and marijuana extracts were legal and accessible at your corner drugstore.

marijuana was legal at your corner drugstore

No longer the case, Chicago now has more than 12 medical marijuana dispensaries, the Cubs are World Champions, American life expectancy has vastly improved, and half of the states that comprise this great country now have some form of medical marijuana law.

Congratulations Chicago, rare victories like these are indeed sweet. Now sit back, relax, and bask in your accomplishments.

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