Action Bronson Destroys Hot Wings Challenge with Weed


If you’ve seen First We Feast’s hot wing-slash-interview show “Hot Ones,” you know that it can be a true physical feat to make it through the pepper-infused gauntlet. For the uninformed, the humorously stressful web series puts celebrity guests in the hottest of seats where they must eat increasingly spicy wings as they answer a barrage of questions that delve into the subject’s career, personal life, interests, and more. Should the guest succeed and make it through to the end, they are allotted 30 seconds to plug anything their heart desires.

On the latest edition of “Hot Ones,” host Sean Evans welcomes a guest who is right in his show’s wheelhouse — rapper, chef, and television personality Action Bronson. The Queens-native brought a unique approach to the show that hadn’t been utilized before, smoking cannabis throughout to quell the pain his taste buds were feeling.

Before Evans could even get through the show’s introduction, the cameras had already cut to Bronsolini puffing away on his vape pen. Action’s face gives you a hint as to how elevated he was during the interview. Before they start chowing down, Evans asks Bronson, “How are you with hot food?”

“I’m well-trained,” answered the confident Bronson. “Some would call me a Mexican.”

The two chat about a wide range of topics, including what it’s like to get high and watch “Ancient Aliens” and perform wrestling moves on fans. At one point in the interview when Evans is explaining the subtle nuances of El Yucateco hot sauce, some paranoia seems to set in for Action. He interrupts the host after a fat rip of the pen, asking, “What’s your fucking deal? What are you about? Where do you come from, and what do you do?”

Evans answers nervously, “I’m just a dude that eats wings and interviews famous people — that’s it.” Bronson then moves into the enlightened stage of his high, offering Evans some very existential advice.

“There’s more substance to you,” exclaimed the bearded rap marvel. “I see substance in you.” Bronson then got distracted as his sermon was unceremoniously interrupted by a mushy text from his girlfriend.

Then we see how much of a hold Action’s girlfriend really has on him when Evans asks what Bronson watches online whilst stoned.

“Honestly, I’ve been into Grey’s Anatomy a lot, I’ve been hooked on that,” said Action. “When I’m at the crib in my underwear with dog and my lady, I’m watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’”

To each their own Bronson.

Cover Image Courtesy of First We Feast

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  1. this guy sounds like a total retard for real just a fat ghetto loser who thinks he is something …..truth is he is nothing but a doper who happened to get lucky with who he met in life thats all ….as i see it he is the one lacking substance for real …..he cant even be himself while talking to people instead he is trying to play a certain stereotype and any of us who are truly from the ghetto realize he is just a little wannabe!!

    • Chuggz Lightbeer on

      You’re an idiot. He’s from Flushing, Queens which is FAR from ghetto. Keep your opinions in your sub par geographical area. Dude is talented as fuck on many levels. He is an example of why NYC runs the world of influence in style, fashion, and music. GTFO!

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