Berlin Could Lead the Way For Legalization in Germany


The massive amount of political news erupting from the U.S. has seemingly eclipsed all other world events for the moment. One story that was almost overlooked, but could be big news for European marijuana reform, is the possible legalization of cannabis in Berlin, Germany.

Berlin’s three political groups (The Greens, The Left Party, and the Social Democratic Party) have agreed to monitor a pilot project which will allow for the controlled distribution of cannabis.

DW Magazine reported that, although this announcement doesn’t throw Germany into the deep end of cannabis reform, these efforts could lead to getting pot decriminalized throughout this leading European nation.

In the past, certain city districts in Berlin have attempted to legalize, but federal laws banning cannabis acted as a wall between the Germans and freedom from prohibition. Supporters, including Max Plenert of the German Hemp Association, believe that if all of Berlin were to adopt this policy it could spread to the whole country.

Cannabis is everywhere in Berlin, and small-time dealers are generally not prosecuted; Advocates in the city want the marijuana laws to reflect this reality.

Germany is the latest nation to experiment with cannabis reform of some kind. Others who have recently joined the growing list include Ireland, the UK, Italy, Greece, and Scotland. Medical marijuana’s vast reach continues to broaden as products are becoming increasingly available across Europe.

Germany is a leading nation and they serve as an example for many other countries around the world. If Berlin is successful with their cannabis program, it will become the first city in history to tear down a literal and figurative wall, all for the freedom of its citizens.

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