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Strain Overview

The Scoop: Originally an outdoor strain popular in Northern California, California Orange Bud was stabilized and backcrossed with herself in Amsterdam, morphing into the popular indoor variety it is today. While it’s true genetics remain a Reagan-era mystery, its medicinal benefits are visibly discernible. Providing hope for those suffering from Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and who lack the ability to focus, this strain aids in the muting of those annoying distractions that plague the ADD thought process.

The Result: A picture perfect, California Sunrise-esque buzz that medicates the psyche and soul simultaneously, California Orange Bud is a pleasant daily driver. Morning, noon, or night, this 50:50 hybrid strain provides a unique and mild high, making it a fan favorite for both recreational and medical smokers alike.

The Verdict: A strain that has paved the way for many of the citrusy hybridized mash-ups dominating the dispensary shelves from San Diego to Mendocino, California Orange Bud has long been the go-to strain for those seeking one of the fruitier terpene profiles available. Smacking of tangerines with a hint of lemon, this strain has a colorful bag appeal, a complex scent, and a taste that must be experienced to be believed. A true bucket list strain for all connoisseurs! 

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california_orange_budStrain Characteristics

Type: 50% indica / 50% Sativa

Also Known As: C.O.B, Cali-O, Cali Orange

Genetics: Hybrid

Origin: West Coast bread, Amsterdam hybridized

How Stoned Will You Get: 8

Average THC: 17-19%

Average Price Per ⅛: $35

Strain Profile

The Science: One of the easier strains to clone, California Orange Bud was originally cultivated by some thoughtful northern California breeders hoping to create a mold resistant strain. Selected for its climatic resilience and flavorful appeal, this NorCal hybrid was originally a clone only strain that found its way to Holland when “Just Say No” was still a popular phrase in Nancy Reagan’s losing war against weed. Free to be perfected by some of the Netherland’s master cultivators, this strain set a high bar for future hybrids in the 1980s.

Appearance: Depending on the individual cultivator’s skill set, California Orange Bud has the ability to create huge, juicy, flavor-rich flowers that can weigh up to 1 oz each per cola. When properly fed the right nutrients and provided the right cultivation environment, these lime green ladies produce massive flowers that appear layered in  resin encrusted crystals. Appearing like survivors of a great blizzard, the crystals encase the reddish / orange pistils that weave throughout the flower. Spiky, swollen and loaded with cannabinoids, the calyxes on this strain help produce that thick rigidity that makes its flower appear as long dense spears.

Consistency: Super sticky and solid as a rock, California Orange Bud’s calyxes seemingly drip with Delta-9-THC. Like pine resin oozing from a tree, the resinous grip of this strain will have your fingers stuck together for a couple  of hours, or at least until you find the rubbing alcohol. For those hoping to avoid this scenario, I would strongly suggest the use of some sharp scissors or a grinder. Sticky, Stoney, and easy to grow, this strain makes a great flower for blowing BHO.

Scent:  Freed from its aroma stifling containers, the scent of citrus quickly fills the nostrils, tickling the nose. A strong fragrance of mandarins and tangerines fills the entire volume of the immediate vicinity. The mouth waters and the mind wonders … “Are all the windows closed?” They’d better be. And almost equally as important, “is my daily driver clean?” Able to put the whole neighborhood on notice that you’ve got the Chron, California Orange Bud is some of the finer smelling weed available. One of the most complex scents in the cannabis world, California Orange Bud provides a sweet orange scented bouquet that has rich skunk and pine undertones. Caveat Emptor: Open indoors at own risk. 

Taste: A hit off this sweet and tasty lady resembles a glass of fresh squeezed tangerines. Luscious, syrupy and a true pleasure to smoke, an acidic residue coats your taste buds with a wide range of citrus-centric flavors evolving. Cleansing the palette and permeating the olfactory, a sweet and sour taste penetrates the mouth, producing a kaleidoscopic mix of tropical flavors. The flavorful inhale is comprised of sweet and sour tangerines, while the exhale gravitates towards the skunk and pine side of the flavor spectrum. The inhale is honeyed and refreshing; like sipping some Orangina on a warm sunny day. 

Effect: California Orange Bud hits the head like a pallet of bricks. As you exhale the cannabinoid laced smoke, your eyebrows and eyes begin to relax. With the eyes now glassy and red and the mind creatively inspired, a euphoric mindset will last for a solid 2+ hours – as well as the ear to ear grin. Bestowing a “halo” effect, the inspiring head high is accompanied with an equally relaxing body high. Creeping into the subconscious and releasing hidden anxieties within 20 min after smoking, the physical healing starts almost immediately. A relaxing and friendly smoke, it soothes daily aches and pains, as well as relaxes sore and spastic muscles. 

Strain Background: Well, the Reader’s Digest version goes something like this – California Orange Bud was originally cultivated by some inquisitive growers up in NorCal. After gaining local notoriety as a favorite strain of Northern California’s skillful cultivators, it made its way to the Netherlands by the mid-80s. The genetic ball was then picked up by Holland’s many accomplished growers; discovered and transformed by the legendary bean breeders at Barneys Farm, this strain is commonly found on shelves in Amsterdam world-famous coffee shops.

Medical Uses:  Aches and pains, stress, appetite

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Growth and Seed Info

Note: This strain will grow like a Sativa but she produces thick buds, like an Indica. For maximum yield, California Orange  prefers to remain in her flower cycle for 9 to 10 weeks. More phenotypes, more variables… and this strain has multiple phenos. 

california_orange_bud_seedsPros:  Easily cloned, less inclined to mold

Cons:  Variable phenotypes

Original Breeder: Barneys Farm

Current Breeder: Barneys Farm

Known Phenotypes:  Mix; gangly veg, dense flower

Seed Bank of Choice:  High Supplies

Flowering Time: 60 days

Flowering Type: Slow, Indica, ScrOG

Growth Height: 4-6′ 

Expected Yield: 1-1.25 lbs per 1000w HPS

Garden Skill Level:  Intermediate

Family: Fruits

Related Strains:  Citrus Skunk, Skunk #1, Orange Hill Special, Hindu Skunk, God’s Gift, Sour Diesel

Breeder Quote/Advice: Veg her out nice and long so she can get as bushy as possible. Clean up her bottoms, so she can focus all of her top attention on her upper most important buds. Use LST.

Cover Image Courtesy of High Supplies

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