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Dave Chappelle to Host Saturday Night Live with A Tribe Called Quest


This was a huge week for America. Together we decided to end marijuana prohibition completely in four states (CA, MA, NV, and ME) while another four states (MT, AR, FL, and ND) legalized medical marijuana for those in need. Our Electoral College did their thing, electing a new President in Donald Trump, and from a cannabis perspective, it will be interesting to see how he constructs his cabinet. Because big news comes in threes, Lorne Michaels knew he had to step up for America and really crush the first SNL episode after the election. Michaels didn’t disappoint, announcing that Hall of Fame entertainer Dave Chappelle would handle hosting duties. Chappelle has never hosted the live sketch comedy institution, and anticipation is high Nationwide; social media was abuzz with people counting down the minutes until Saturday night.

It wouldn’t be a Dave Chappelle-hosted affair without an equally monumental musical guest, so fellow SNL rookies A Tribe Called Quest will also take the hallowed Studio 8H stage. Though it’s bittersweet that the late Phife Dawg won’t be able to join the Tribe on SNL, the surviving members (and maybe some special guests) will surely honor his memory. Traditionally, the musical guest on SNL performs twice, so we may get one classic Tribe cut and one from their recently-announced final album, We Got It From Here, Thank You 4 Your Service.

Chappelle’s comedy and cannabis have always intertwined, and the fearless comic has never shied away from touchy subjects like the ones that made the Presidential race so divisive — the timing of his SNL booking makes sense. Plus, with so many states making marijuana history on Tuesday, Saturday Night Live’s first post-election episode won’t be able to avoid the topic of weed — and neither will Chappelle.

To kill some time while you wait for Darrell Hammond and the SNL band to welcome Chappelle through that famous fake door, here’s the Mount Kushmore of Chappelle videos about weed to watch while getting (half) baked.

In this clip from Chappelle’s “For What It’s Worth” stand-up special, the comedian explains the differences in how Black and White people act while stoned. The whole special is a must-watch, but his impressions in this clip cement the joke as an all time highlight. Watch the clip here.

Chappelle takes a jab at corny drug awareness ads with this marijuana PSA that aired on Chappelle’s Show, featuring some special guests from another Mount Kushmore honoree. The hilarious commercial demonstrates the dangers of riding your bicycle while high, watch it before your next ride.

During Chappelle’s “Killing Them Softly” HBO special, the comedian does a bit about his limo driver leaving him stranded in the projects at 3 a.m. He runs into an unlikely stranger for so late-slash-early that causes his already strange story to take an even weirder turn — but at least he has some weed.

We’d be remiss to not include Dave Chappelle’s crowning cannabis achievement, the 1998 cinema classic “Half Baked.” One of the greatest stoner movies of all time, watching it while puffing a fatty of Mr. Nice Guy with your friends is a rite of passage.

When Thurgood and his gang of bandits rob the hospital’s medical marijuana stash, they take a few pounds of Maui Wowie, a highly sought-after Sativa that is known for being an outstanding stress reliever. Originally, I was going to put together a Maui Wowie playlist of old Tribe classics — but then I heard the new album. We Got It From Here, Thank You 4 Your Service features a star-studded lineup of cameos, with guest appearances from Andre 3000, Kanye West, Jack White, Kendrick Lamar, Talib Kweli, and so many more. WGIFHTY4YS (so much easier to say) marks the first new album from ATCQ since 1998’s The Love Movement, and they sound like they never left.

Songs like “We The People….” capture the feelings of tens of millions and puts them into words that reflect the raw emotions people are feeling after Tuesday night. I can’t recommend the rest of this double-disc sendoff enough, stream the album in full here. The vibes of the final Tribe album pair perfectly with Sativas that help power you through whatever activity the records are scoring.

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