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Strain Overview

The Scoop: Indiana Bubblegum is one of the old-school strains that helped elevate marijuana to the lofty #3 position as one of Indiana’s top 10 cash crops. Shrouded by her mysterious genetics, the Bubblegum cut of this Afghani-related strain has elevated this legendary lady into Indiana folklore. While the unmistakable influence of Afghani is prominent, her enigmatic genetics remain a well-hidden secret for this  legendary clone-only strain.

The Result: Indiana Bubblegum not only cultivates some astonishingly fragrant flowers, she also produces a one of a kind high, which punctuates her insane flavor/aroma. Withstanding the test of time, this strain has remained popular at local dispensaries for one simple reason … she’s straight fire!

The Verdict: Indiana Bubblegum is a favorite strain for patients looking to relieve pain, stimulate appetite, or sooth their daily stress and anxiety. A go-to strain for patients undergoing chemotherapy and other medical procedures with harsh side effects, Indiana Bubblegum is sought out by patients from coast-to-coast. Her ability to mitigate nausea while increasing appetite makes this strain a surefire hit for America’s medical marijuana patients. Guaranteed to increase your appetite while eliminating body pain, her total THC content hovers at approximately 20.94%. 

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SC labs test results for Indiana BubblegumStrain Characteristics

Type: Indica (30% Sativa; 70% Indica)

Also Known As: Bubblegum

Genetics: Afghani x ? 

Origin: Indiana

How Stoned Will You Get: 7

Average THC: 21%

Average Price Per ⅛: $40,

Awards: 1995 HTCC, 2nd Place

Strain Profile

The Science: Testing at a “total potential” of 18.42% for its Δ9THC content, Indiana Bubblegum had no detectable CBN cannabinoids and only .07% for both CBD and CDBa. Genetically tied to her Indica phenotypes, Indiana Bubblegum is a short plant that tends to stretch dramatically during her flower cycle. Difficult for the newbie grower to cultivate successfully, this beneficial lady is known for her slow start and spectacular finish. While leggy during flowering and difficult to control, when grown with the right nutrients, Indiana Bubblegum produces one of the tastiest buds currently available.

Appearance: Producing a kaleidoscopic haze of colors, Indiana Bubblegum’s buds are blue-ish in color, with hints of neon green, and dark purple throughout. A fluffy yet dense strain, her pumpkin colored pistils protruded ever so slightly from her dark green calyx. Like some blinged-out musician dripping in platinum and diamonds, Indiana Bubblegum shines in her THC-laced trichome coat.

Consistency: Dependent on how meticulously she was dried and cured, Indiana Bubblegum can be either sticky or dry. When properly cured and stored, her flowers maintains a viscous consistency that leaves her telltale evidence on whatever she came in contact with. Those with a stickier batch should break this flower up with a grinder or scissors. Not only will this keep your fingers free of resin, it will protect her valuable cannabinoid content.

Scent: Honeyed, berry, and floral, Indiana Bubblegum floods any room with her sweet and sour aroma with hints of citrus and lavender when released from your favorite stash container. Putting the surrounding area on notice after breaking up a joint’s worth of flower, she releases her pungent aroma for all to enjoy. Soon overpowered by her lemony bouquet, that quickly sent is quickly replaced by her sweet and earthy aroma. 

Taste: After inhaling a fat rip off a well-rolled joint, her syrupy flavor lingers on the taste buds indefinitely. Smacking of blueberry, lemons, and skunk on the inhale, smoke aficionados will pick up on her slightly more subtle side on the exhale. With a hint of mango and sour candies, this strain leaves her hazy, metallic aftertaste on your palate for what seems like hours.

Effect: Indiana Bubblegum produces a satisfying high. While not the stoniest strain on your dispensary’s shelf,  this strain works well for those on a quick lunch break; lasting for about 30 minutes before she transforms you into a food-inhaling zombie. Initially hitting as an intense cerebral Sativa high, this soon morphs into a sedated Indica buzz; combining inspired creativity and a relaxed state of mind. 

Strain Background: Hoosier strong, Indiana Bubblegum was originally cultivated in-state by growers with access to some geographically specific strains. By crossing their local flowers with an Afghani strain, some lucky cultivator created a very popular lady amongst today’s heavy Indica lovers.

Medical Uses: Works well for those hoping to eliminate migraine headaches, social anxiety, daily depression, lack of appetite/wasting syndrome, muscular discomfort, menstrual cramps, post-traumatic stress disorder … and of course, nausea.

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Indiana Bubblegum Marijuana Strain ReviewGrowth and Seed Info

Note: Unique, flavorful … and difficult to cultivate

Pros: Taste, smell, buzz, yield

Cons: Leggy, tends to bolt

Original Breeder: Clone Only

Current Breeder: Clone Only

Known Phenotypes: Primarily Indica characteristics

Seed Bank of Choice: N/A

Flowering Time: 60 days

Flowering Type: Fast, ScrOG

Growth Height: 4.5-6’ft.

Expected Yield: 1-1.75 lbs. per 1,000 Watt HPS

Garden Skill Level: Advanced

Family: Afghani

Related Strains: Bubblegum, Blueberry Girl Scouts, OG Kush, Blueberry, Bubba Kush, Haze #5, Northern lights, Skunk

Breeder Quote/Advice: Patience and skill are rewarded by this strain!

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  1. One of the first strains of actual homegrown I smoked, I would run across this routinely back when I was in high school, so like 98-02. This was grown up and down the Kishwaukee river system. Rockford, Illinois was flooded with a massive amount of “Bubblegum” around September and October. Really weird to think about how dry it could get after that. Bubblegum Tended to run around 50 and eight. I am about to become a medical patient in Illinois and am really hoping this genetics have been saved and I am able to find them again.

    I do remember a short but really fun cerebral high followed with relaxation. Pretty stoney buzz, that went well perfect for fall days. If you were lucky, you could find somebody that had an quarter to get rid of at the end of November and back in HS days you could make it last until right before Christmas.

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