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Santa Cruz, CA Counters Prop 64 with Ban on Commercial Growing


Not everyone in California is ecstatic about the thought of a recreational marijuana market, including the entire Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors. This afternoon, the board voted unanimously in favor of an emergency 45-day countywide ban on the cultivation of recreational marijuana.

The temporary moratorium on growing includes any plants intended for commercial sale or personal use, making both practices illegal in Santa Cruz County once again. This ban comes just one week after California voters made their stance on cannabis distinctly clear by voting “yes” on Prop 64, effectively making recreational cultivation legal. It is important to note that the new ban will not affect Santa Cruz residents who have a doctor’s recommendation or grow plants indoors for personal use.

Santa Cruz County Supervisors insist that the emergency ban’s purpose is creating some lead time before recreational legalization so that proper regulatory language can be put in place. Prop 64 gave individual cities and counties the ability to vote on certain local parameters of the bill, including the maximum number of dispensary licenses awarded. The city of San Jose also voted to enact a similar ban on recreational grows.

Even without the ban, commercial growers are still unable to sell their harvests or any other marijuana products to recreational customers under Prop 64. Sellers and growers must obtain a license from the State of California in order to serve recreational clientele, unless they give their products away for free.

The 45-day moratorium on commercial growing puts immense pressure on recently-hired “County Cannabis Czar” Dan Peterson, who is tasked with developing the recreational marijuana framework in Santa Cruz. Peterson will oversee all recreational licenses, regulation, and tax collection for the county.

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  1. So agree with the Board of Supervisors slow down of the process. The appropriate control of this issue is Big and should be looked at with many eyes. I am a child of the 60’s and of course am in favor of legal pot, but don’t forget what booze has done to our kids. We have no idea what will happen when both my kids and I are smoking that strong ass pot, and going to Kuumbwa to hear music. time is needed on this one.

  2. No idea? Well, have you and your kids ever smoked “that strong ass pot” before?
    Any reason to think you, and they, are going to lose control, now that it’s legal?
    This is ridiculous. SC Bd of Supers is way out of step with their constituents.

  3. Its good to see the city wants to make sure everything is in order before the legal sale goes into affect on 1 January 2018. What I don’t understand is why are they just now working on this issue? It was known several months ago that legalization of cannabis would more than likely become a reality here in California and that the city board of supervisors of Santa Cruz should have been working on this issue then. It sounds like typical government bureaucracy, do what I tell you and don’t’s worry about what we do. Anyway at least this is only a slight delay before grower can start working to on production to meet the demands of the consumer. I just hope the new county cannabis czar Mr. Peterson is able to get all the language and regulations up and ready by 1 January 2018. That is going to be a feat in itself.

  4. Ca voted for cannabis and we were told that patients rights would not be violated if this passed .. banning patients from cultivation is a violation of patients rights

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