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Edibles are a great way to relax and unwind, to utilize marijuana’s immense power without the smoke. However, edibles can sometimes be a little too intense when not dosed correctly, so it’s important to know exactly what you’re eating. But what happens when your entire family gets dosed unknowingly? Reddit user Dreamblook found out for himself last night and (thankfully for all of us) live-blogged the entire roller coaster ordeal.

Dreamblook was at home, hungrily awaiting a delicious home-cooked meal with his family when the entire canna-conundrum began to unfold. The Redditor realized at some point in his mother’s dinner preparations that she utilized some of his “homegrown” butter in her chicken recipe. Cognizant that things could get exponentially weird for his entire family, he warned them took to the internet — bad for the ‘Blooks, great for the blog.

Guys my naive mother used my CANNABUTTER to make dinner with. Apparently we were out of real butter and she used mine because she though it was “vegan butter”. My entire family just eat chicken made with high quality cannabutter. I have around 45 mins before it kicks in.WHAT DO I DO GUYS?

Reddit was on fire trying to figure out what happened next in the Dreamblook saga. Luckily, the former cannabutter owner had some free time to keep everyone in the loop while the THC settled into his family’s system for the night.

Edit -Sorry about the typo in the title I was in a hurry.
Edit 2-Guys I know I can just come clean and tell them. I will if it gets to the point where they are freaking out or something. I’m trying very hard to avoid them ever having to know.
Edit 3-No guys I’m not going to record it and embarrass my family for karma.

The gripping internal moral dilemma that Dreamblook was experiencing captivated a massive audience, causing the story to shoot up the trending charts. His family will at least be able to take solace in the fact that Dreamblook didn’t make the situation worse by broadcasting the whole thing on Facebook Live. Sidenote: I personally appreciated DB preemptively addressing his atrocious spelling.

From there, the cannabutter started to take hold on its unsuspecting ingestees.

Edit 4-I think they are starting to feel it. Still haven’t told them anything. I think I am in denial about this whole thing.
Edit 5-My mother just asked me if there was anything wrong with my vegan butter. I decided to tell her it was really old, so they will all just think they have food poisoning or something.

Dreamblook’s situation is actually a great reminder that edibles affect everyone in vastly different ways, so it’s imperative that you always remember to start with smaller doses and work your way up as you learn how the edibles interact with your body. As you’ll see, each person in DB’s fam had a unique reaction.

Edit 6-I think my sister is asleep .My father is in some kind of trance with a giant smile on his face. He doesn’t seem to be freaking out. My mother on the other hand,is going ape shit and wants to go the hospital. My uncle keeps on trying to talk her out of it, ( because no one can drive so we would have to pay for an ambulance).
Edit 7-Wtf guys my uncle is barely affected and laughs his ass off every time he looks at me. I think he knows.


Well, at least we now have an official Marijuana.com favorite character in this epic tale. Dreamblook’s Uncle is literally lit, but still looking out for the fam’s collective wallet to make sure Dreamblook doesn’t add a few thousand dollars to the bottom line of this whole fiasco — the definition of a “rydah.”

Next, Dreamblook gives some context to why his father is remaining fairly calm in comparison to his mother.

Edit 8-BIG UPDATE.Ok so my uncle definitely knows. He noticed what it was when he ate it,but he didn’t say anything about it for whatever fucking reason intill after everyone ate it. He approached my dad about it,Who said he had no idea but that my mom used my “vegan butter”. So my uncle told him what was up,so that is why my father has not been freaking out.My father is slightly more liberal about drugs then I thought,apparently he smoked in high school but still didn’t recognize the taste. He is the type who likes Ronald Regan and Donald Trump so I’m kinda surprised. My father keeps trying to get pissed and scold at me,but the weed is preventing him from being mad for more then 30 seconds. My sister has locked herself in her room since after dinner so I assume/hope she is just sleeping. My mother on the other hand (Who 100% has never done any drugs, including alcohol/coffee/cigs) has been freaking out pretty bad.She has been having a intense existential crisis. I can get into more details about that later. She is greening out at this point and just threw up. I’m hoping that she puked some of the THC out. But it could have already absorbed into her body idk. My uncle has been doing a pretty great job at talking her down and convincing her to ride it out (She still thinks it is food poisoning)Some of you guys don’t understand that my mother CAN NOT KNOW SHE TOOK WEED .It would make the situation 100x worse. I will keep you guys updated if anything interesting happens.

Uncle Dreamblook is really racking up MVP votes here as he tries desperately to avoid what we all know is inevitably coming.ambulance

Edit 9-Just to make to clear everything up
1.my sister has been in her room the entire time since after dinner this isn’t strange for her so I think she is sleeping
2.My dad knows because my uncle told him.
3.My uncle knows because he is a fucking pothead
4.Mother is feeling better,She is just laying down on her bed at this point. She had some kind of epiphany about how boring her life is and how she wish she never gave up on doing art work etc etc. She got sick for awhile but appears better now.

The thought of Dreamblook, his dad, and his 2016 Stoner Hall of Fame inductee Uncle all huddling up to discuss the game plan regarding Mama ‘Blook is laugh out loud funny. Unfortunately, that’s where the humor ends, as this tale takes a turn for the worse. After the men of the Dreamblook brood had their meeting of the minds, DB and Uncle Awesome decided to kill the remainder of the cannabutter. Now, let’s jump back into this riveting tale.

Alright let’s just start from when me and my uncle decided to eat the cannabutter. He is kinda old so he passed out after about an hour after his extra butter kicked in. My mother ended up having some some kind of spiral revelation,I don’t really understand most of it. She did a little bit of artwork.

So this is when things got bad. I was asleep at this point. So my sister woke up and thought she was dying, so she called 911 and then an ambulance came to the house.

Two things, right off the bat; 1) Serious demerits to Dreamblook for not posting his Mom’s stoned artwork. C’mon DB, don’t tell us she did artwork while tripping, then not show us the artwork. Internet for me one time, bro. 2) If you pegged the sleeping sister as the 9-1-1 snitch ahead of time, bravo; a true “sleeper pick.”

There is a timeless edible adage that goes, “you can always eat more, but you can’t eat less.” Similarly, there’s no rewind button once you call 9-1-1 for an ambulance.

The cops woke me up and told me that my uncle told the EMT people that she was high. The EMT people took her to the hospital anyways and also called the cops over. They arrested my uncle on a felony possession charge (I live in a really harsh place for this). Because he had his own weed on him. I guess he also took the fall for my sister accidentally getting high.

I can’t really confirmed any of this because the cops told me and I don’t trust the police now a days.


After watching his Uncle get taken away in handcuffs, Dreamblook found out he wasn’t going to be sleeping in his own bed that night either.

She found out she did the devils lettuce. Me and my mother have always been on thin ice, She always tries to get me to be religious, I do act like I am most of the time but she knows I don’t really believe it.

So she waited for the cops to leave, and then my mom talked my dad into kicking me out for the cannabutter. I don’t think he really wanted to, but he is a huge push over and kinda pussy whipped so he did anyways.

They pretty much just opened the door and told me I was no longer welcome there. I tried to go get my laptop and clothes but they wouldn’t let me take anything. I’m currently on mobile.

So I walked down to the nearest gas station and I have been here for maybe 2 hours or more. I called my friend who will let me stay the night with him, but I have to walk like 5 miles. My uncle is in jail and I don’t know for how long, so I can’t get in contact with him

This unfortunate tale highlights the drastic need for drug reform, as this situation spiraled wildly out of control mostly due to outside factors that weren’t cannabutter. For example, had Dreamblook’s Mom been even slightly more educated on cannabis and its immense benefits, Dreamblook may still be living with his family. And if marijuana was descheduled from the Controlled Substances Act, Dreamblook’s innocent-bystander Uncle wouldn’t have been apprehended by police for simply having a little tree on his person. In a perfect world with legal marijuana and proper education on the plant, Mom would’ve probably just grounded Dreamblook and the whole family would’ve slept until noon the next day before laughing it all off over leftovers. FREE UNCLE BLOOK BARRY O.

UPDATE: Dreamblook let the world know where he is from — and it explains everything.

Edit 8- ok I’ll say it I live in Arizona. If the legal weed law gets passed here do you guys think they will let my uncle out of jail?

Great question, Dreamblook. Unfortunately for your Uncle and the rest of the fine citizens of Arizona, your state leads the Nation in for-profit prison guaranteed occupancy quotas. In other words, Arizona has a contractual obligation to keep their privatized prisons at 90-100% occupancy. This outlandish setup could explain why Arizona law enforcement is so desperate to find hands to cuff.

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  1. A recap of the situation that wasn’t addressed was that the negative consequences of the event could have been avoided by simply discretely informing each of the consumers of their ingestion of the cannabis butter (and dealing first with those who would have had the worst reaction and working down to the those who were expected to enjoy the ride) and then dealing separately with each of their personal responses to the ingestion. It is now obvious to everyone that simply hoping for the best is never a good strategy. Of course, it is difficult to think clearly under the circumstances and this is Monday morning quarterbacking. Such after the fact strategics don’t help the extremely unfortunate consequence of the uncle now facing severe punishment for an accidental ingestion of a harmless food substance. The need to change societal concepts about Cannabis needed to have started with the family long before the accidental ingestion, especially if one of the family members is going to have the substance available for others to accidentally discover and ingest. It was a poor choice on the part of the possessor of the butter to not have hidden it better from accidental discovery. And yes our nation’s laws need to change.

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