Who Smokes Weed on The Howard Stern Show?


Howard Stern is arguably the greatest radio personality who has ever lived, although if you were talking to him there would be no argument; Stern would tell you that he’s the king.

The superstar has changed the face of broadcasting as we know it, and he will go down in history as an innovator who pushed the boundaries of free speech for the betterment of media everywhere.

Along the way, Stern has acquired a remarkable band of on-air staff, misfits and ne’er-do-wells who all offer a window into their unique lives as fodder for the show.

One of their recurring topics is marijuana. Stern has said on his show that he no longer partakes and hasn’t in many years because it makes him paranoid, but many of his Rolodex of guests certainly have.

There is a parade of A-Listers that do incredible hour-long interviews on the Stern Show and during their on-air discussions, more than likely Stern will ask one of his go-to questions.

Do you smoke weed?

That question has prompted some interesting answers.

Neil Young was on the show back in October of 2014 and he revealed that he smokes “every once in a while, just a tiny bit.” He then told Howard that the cure for pot paranoia is chewing two or three peppercorn balls.

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Complex News

Joseph Gordon-Levitt mentioned that he got the idea for his 2013 film Don Jon while high. He also let it slip that Channing Tatum is among his smoking buddies and that Tatum is a lightweight. But getting Jeopardy star Alex Trebek to admit that he overdid it at a party when he ate four hash brownies, was a crowning achievement for Stern as an interviewer.

Other than grilling staff and interviewing guests, a cornerstone of the show is Stern checking in with the regular callers and members of the “Wack Pack,” an affectionate name Stern gives this diverse group of people.  

One of the callers who is a longtime favourite of Stern’s is Lawrence Coward aka King Of All Blacks. He first started appearing on the show and calling in back in 1992 and has significant knowledge of the staff. Marijuana.com caught up with King, to get his thoughts about who on the show would most benefit from cannabis, due to all of their intense personalities.


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“JD would probably benefit from it,” said King, who is referring to the often marble-mouthed and awkward staff member.

King himself doesn’t currently enjoy cannabis due to the regular drug testing that occurred when he was working for the New Jersey Public Works Department, but now that he is recently retired, he’s open to getting back into it. “It makes me sharper and more of an asshole,” he said while remembering what it was like.

Out of everyone on the show who should not have some, King called out Stern’s long-time on-air partner Fred Norris. “He doesn’t come actively as somebody that would perhaps enjoy it.  He might get too anal.”

Many of Stern’s staff talk about their marijuana use or interest in trying it as well. JD Harmeyer, Stern’s media producer mentioned earlier, was brought into the studio back in 2015 during an interview with actor and professional stoner Seth Rogen. Harmeyer had said off-air that he had never tried marijuana but would want to try it with Seth for his first time. That prompted a hilarious exchange where Rogen responded that he had smoked pot a couple of times with weed virgins.


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“I’ve done that with a few people, who have never smoked weed,” Rogen said.  “They’ve been at a party near me when I’m smoking a joint and they’ll come up and be like, can I have a hit?”  Rogen then gives them a hit and that is when they reveal that it’s their first time.  “Then they’ll be like, I’ve never smoked weed before and I thought this was a cool opportunity.  I literally look at them and say, you’re about to have the worst five hours of your entire fucking life.”  The bad trip Rogen is referring to is the industrial strength marijuana he smokes, which is not for the freshman.

Whether you enjoy The Howard Stern Show or not, Stern has been an open advocate for cannabis legalization for many years. The fact that the topic makes it on the air as often as it does clearly shows his affinity for the subject. Stern is so protective of his content that if he wasn’t into talking about weed, we wouldn’t be hearing about it.

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Jonathan Hiltz has been a journalist, a TV producer and marijuana advocate for over sixteen years. He has a wife, two young children and lives in the Toronto area.


  1. Mark Ira Kaufman on

    I’m 100% for the decriminalization of marijuana. But evoking Howard Stern in this context enhances nothing.

    The man you see as “… the greatest radio personality who has ever lived” is the same one I dismiss as a pubic hair trapped in the teeth of American culture. When his show serves up anything edifying, it’s entirely by accident.

  2. Why would you even mention Stern? He doesn’t smoke weed, by his own admission. You could’ve easily done this story – a far better story, actually – by simply focusing on interviews given by celebrities, on and off the Stern show. And how is someone who calls himself the King of All Blacks considered an A-lister? Is the story about celebrities who smoke weed, or Stern’s staff? Lazy effort to say the least.

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