Elevated Lifestyles: Weedmaps Hits The North Shore


Seduced by the North Shore’s Triple Crown surf event and the annual eclectic gathering of the Tribes, Weedmaps.com and a host of world-class athletes will be pitching camp at Sunset Beach Dec 8-15th.

Demonstrating their Aloha for a healthy lifestyle, and the critical role cannabis plays in keeping them pharmaceutical free, a stunningly talented and diverse group of gravity defying gladiators will go through their daily routine and perform in their adrenaline pumping disciplines. More than just thrill seekers looking for a rush, this group top athletes are on a synergistic mission to demonstrate how healthy living coexists with today’s marijuana consumers to a sometimes-skeptical world.

The Weedmaps Pipe Experience

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-1-12-24-pmOld myths die hard: Dispelling and rehabilitating the plant’s public persona, the Sunset Beach property will be a temporary cultural center providing refuge for the mind, body, and soul. Sanctuary for the likes of Bruce Irons, Joel Tudor, Dustin Barca, Boo Johnson, Nathan Fletcher, and Simon Rex (yes, a cleaner ‘Dirt Nasty’), a diverse group of surfers, skaters, and motocross enthusiasts will be communing with nature and enjoying the company of like-minded souls.

Creating a multi-platform media event for your viewing pleasure, a clutch group of culturally-based sports and lifestyle media companies will be on hand to document their eight days along the ‘Seven Mile Miracle’ of Oahu’s North Shore.

weedmaps_skate_teamThe primary goal of the Weedmaps house is to raise awareness and cultivate a new optic between our healthy, active lifestyles and responsible marijuana use. Sharing their passion for a healthy diet, holistic medication and the camaraderie of like-minded individuals, these thrill-seeking athletes will be feasting on the North Shore’s organic bounty while living together under one roof in a communal environment. By infusing these diverging cultures with the 420 world for eight enlightened days, Weedmaps, in conjunction with TransWorld MagazineStab Magazine and The Enthusiast Network, hopes to elevate the public discussion surrounding the beneficial applications of cannabis while simultaneously creating some attitude adjusting content to be shared by international media outlets.

Provided the sometimes uncooperative weather on the North Shore cooperates, Bruce, Joel, Dustin and Nathan will be ripping up The 7 Mile Miracle, going deep from Sunset Beach to Waimea Bay, as Boo boosts air from the Hickam Skate Hangar to Amr Skatepark.

You can get involved and even win giveaways from the athletes by following the Weedmaps Skate and Surf teams on Instagram!

Schedule of Activities

weedmaps pipe house experience

weedmaps pipe house experience

Kicking off the week’s worth of heart-pounding activities on the evening of December 8th, the Weedmaps skate, moto, and surf teams will arrive at Honolulu International Airport and begin their weeklong journey into Hawaii’s tropical paradise– starting with a luau designed for royalty and sponsored by West Coast Cure.

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-6-38-51-amDay two will start off with a light breakfast and a little therapeutic stretching, as Kendal Beschen provides yoga instructions at Sunset Beach Jiu-Jitsu from 7 AM to 8 AM. Located at 59136 Kam Hwy, Weedmaps respectfully asks that anyone choosing to participate, to please park across the street from the facility.

After a quick yoga session, the troops will be heading off to skate, surf, and moto their way across the North Shore.

Come nightfall, Dustin Barca and Joel Tudor will be providing MMA demonstrations at Sunset Beach Jiu-Jitsu between 8 PM and 9:30 PM. With only a few variations,  that will be the primary daily schedule through December 15.

If you want to follow along and watch the Weedmaps team experience all that is Pipeline, check out the WM official Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts!



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  1. The Pipeline master is the best year and stoked weedmaps rider Bruce Irons is part of this event. Having all the extreme sports guys in one house is insane. Later.

  2. Just take it off the list! So many more dangerous drugs than cannabis are not on the list, like alcohol and tobacco. Why make this more complicated than it needs to be. Stop creating new law enforcement opportunities and loopholes.

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